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Ellie Goulding
Sunday Girl, Bright Light Bright Light
Bristol, Academy
13th November 2010
Ellie Goulding                  Sunday Girl                 Bright Light Bright Light
Photo Of Sunday Girl © Copyright TriggerTonight was my second night of a triple whammy of gigs at the Academy in Bristol in a week and a good 30minutes before the doors were due to open their were queues going right up the hill of the Academy leading back up to the car park but as soon as the doors opened at 7pm the queues quickly filtered through.

The crow tonight was mainly young teenage girls with a few older people cropping up the bar at the back of the venue, either way it was sold out and everyone was here just for Ellie Goulding.

The first act up tonight was an male two piece called Bright Light Bright Light and they reminded me of a younger and less camp Pet Shop Boys, they started off playing to an half empty room and by the time they finished the room was packed out however the crowd appeared to be extremely stale during the whole set.

Photo Of Sunday Girl © Copyright TriggerThe music that Bright Light Bright Light play is quite catchy synth driven pop music but for some reason it really didn’t make the cut live tonight and sounded more like the music you would have in the background at your home whilst having a relaxing afternoon off, the highlight of the set was ‘Love Part II’ as both band members really got into it with Chris smashing the hell out of his electronic drum set and Andy jumping off his chair whilst playing the keyboard and singing along.

The next artist up was the main support act Sunday Girl which is 21 year old Jade Williams band and the first thing that I noticed was just how well dressed and perfectly looking the whole band was with everyone dressed in really smart black clothes.

Sunday Girl played a 30minute set which consisted of 7 songs which ranged from ’24 Hours’, ‘Four Floors, ‘Human Love’, ‘Brixton’, ‘All The Songs’, and also a fantastic cover of Laura Branigan’s ‘Self Control’ and then the closing track and brand new single ‘Stop Hey’ which went down a treat with the Bristol Crowd.

Photo Of Ellie Goulding © Copyright TriggerDuring the set Sunday Girl gave out a couple of free t-shirts to the crowd and also took pictures of the crowd to post on her Facebook page which seems to be a trademark thing which she does at every gig which obviously gives the crowd something to look forward to when they get home.

Jade did come across very shy when she interacted with the crowd tonight but I do seriously believe that this time next year Sunday Girl will be a household name on the way to being as successful as Ellie Goulding is now, a bit more touring will cure the nerves and the release of their debut album will boost the profile.

Ellie Gouldings backing band took to the stage dead on 9.30pm to screams from the fans and seconds later Ellie herself took to the stage situated at the back of the stage dressed in a My Chemical Romance style Black Parade drummer jacket banging the hell out of some beefy sounding drums to the complete pleasure of the fans.

Photo Of Ellie Goulding © Copyright TriggerAs soon as the drum introduction finished Ellie took the mic at the front of the stage and got stuck straight in with ‘Under The Sheets’, her vocals were spot on and the energy and atmosphere from the stage show and backing band was fantastic and everything sounding just that little bit better live than it does on her album.

During the middle of the set Ellie and her backing band left the stage as the crowd were shown a brief film on the big screen about Ellie, moments later Ellie came back on stage by herself to thank the fans and play a couple of acoustic tracks which consisted of ‘The End’ and ‘Sweet Disposition’ which went down so well with the crowd.

In between songs there were many chants of “we love you Ellie” from both the males and females in the crowd which shown just how much the crowd tonight appreciates Ellie and her music, the set consisted of most of her debut album ‘Lights’ and the biggest highlights were the drumming introduction, ‘Guns And Horses’ and the fantastic finisher ‘Starry Eyed’ which gave the strong 1,600 crowd chance to sing-a-long for one last time.

Overall Ellie Goulding has come along a long way since she released her debut album ‘Lights’ back in March she has a fantastic backing band, has build up a really good stage show and has gained the confidence of an artist who has been playing music all their lives which technically is the case with Ellie so far, I really can’t to see what Ellie does next as she currently has the UK in the palm of her hands.

Bright Light Bright Light – 3/5
Sunday Girl – 4/5
Ellie Goulding – 5/5

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 Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding

 sunday Girl

Jade Williams

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