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Less Than Jake
Bristol, Academy
10th November 2010
Less Than Jake              Zebrahead                 
Photo Of Zebrahead © Copyright TriggerTonight was my first of a triple whammy of gigs at the O2 Academy in Bristol this week and what a way to start with everyone’s favourite festival and party band Less Than Jake.

We got in the Academy just as We Are The Union were finishing, from what I heard they sounded good but the venue was pretty empty and lacked atmosphere, but during the twenty minute break from when We Are The Union finished and main support band Zebrahead took to the stage the venue started to fill up a bit more.

Zebraheard took to the stage at 8.40pm coming on to the Team America World Police soundtrack and they wasted no time sending the crowd into a frenzy, they had the whole audience in the palm of their hand from the start of the set right until the closing moments of their hectic set closer ‘Anthem’.

Photo Of Zebrahead © Copyright TriggerThe Zebrahead set consisted of lots of fun and games for the audience such as getting the whole of the audience to sit down for a good 30seconds before demanding them to jump up and mosh like fuck during ‘Jag Off’, they also invited their tour manager Bobby on stage to sink a can of beer in the quickest time I have ever seen in celebration of his birthday and also managed to get a massive 5 circle pits on the go at once during their beefed up cover of Britney Spears ‘Oops I Did It Again’ which went down amazingly.

The highlight of the set for me was when they played ‘Playmate Of The Year’, I still remember buying the album of the same name back in 2001 and 9 years on I still love the album and song as much as I did back then, another highlight was when they split the crowd down the middle and got them to charge at each other in the hope of making some zebra babies it was fun and energetic but I very much doubt any zebra babies were conceived in the academy tonight.

As far as support bands go Less Than Jake could not of picked a better band to support them as zebrahead played like it was their own headline show and fully psyched the audience up for Less than Jake.

Photo Of Less Than Jake © Copyright TriggerAfter Zebrahead left the stage it was a 25minute wait until Less Than Jake were due on, that time went pretty quick and before we knew it the lights were dimmed and the Gainesville Florida 5 piece took to the stage and blasted straight into ‘Plastic Cup Politics’.

The set that Less Than Jake played was a massive greatest hits set which consisted on 22 songs which ranged from ‘Automatic’, ‘Al’s War’, ‘Nervous In The Alley’, ‘The Ghost Of Me And You’ and also ‘Scott Farcas Takes in On The Chin’ which made one kid in the audience who was standing still all night go mad like he had just popped a few disco biscuits, this is however the effect that Less Than Jake have as they have so many classic songs which appeals to different people.

The show may well of been a greatest hits show but at the same time it was also partly a comedy show with Roger and Chris having banter with the crowd before and after each song with jokes being made about Mick Jagger, Scottish people and also the size of My Chemical Romance band members cock or should I say the lack of as Chris stated.

Photo Of Less Than Jake © Copyright TriggerLess Than Jake made many firsts happen at the show tonight they started a circle clit which happened to be an all female circle pit, the pit was small but it was quite funny watching all these girls running around in circles with everyone else just watching on, as the show progressed they invited a drunk guy on stage and then a random female, Chris made them hug and then asked them to stimulate the 69 sex position on stage, the drunk man got straight down on the floor but the girl chickened out so Chris wasted no time going in for the 69 which happened to be comedy gold.

The highlight of the set was the closing tracks of ‘All My Best Friends are Metalheads’ which got the crowd going mental for the last time and then the slow anthem of ‘Look What Happened’ which helped the crowd get their breath and energy back as everyone slowly sang along for the last time.

Overall Less Than Jake are one of the happiest bands around and at every Less Than Jake show you are guaranteed to leave with a beaming smile on your face and tonight was no exception as Less Than Jake were on top form and I am sure that everyone left happy well except for the security who Rodger and Chris kept picking on but I am sure they will get over it eventually.

Less Than Jake 5/5
Zebrahead 5/5

Review By Trigger

 Less Than Jake

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