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Pain Of Salvation, Awake By Design
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
4th November 2010
Apocalyptica                  Pain Of Salvation                  Awake By Design
First up are Awake by Design, a Classic/gothy rock band with overly long songs and not that much imagination in the songs either, the musicianship ain't bad, intact it's pretty damn good, but it's all rather predictable, and not that heavy, the solos feel uninspired the singer while he can sing he ain't no Bruce Dickinson or Blaze Bailey which he might be aiming for. There's a fair few guys and gal on stage but there doesn't seem to be that much to watch, and I think they've seen too many rock videos where the guitarists group together done too often and not exciting enough when they do it as the songs don't lend themselves kindly to it. Just too much excess and no enough decent heavy riffs!

Next up are Pain of Salvation a Swedish metal band, and they do rock your socks, the singer has a whole Mick Jagger/Jim Morrison thing going on, his vocals aint too bad can carry a tune, the riffs are nice and heavy catchy too and tons of melody in the non so heavy parts, for some reason and thankfully no stink lines, there not wearing any shoes, all of them are rocking the boards barefoot,weird really, not sure of the songs they played but i liked what I heard from these guys, glad one of the guitarists played up to the camera, they also got the crowd involved to which is always cool, overall there a solid rock band and i hope to see them again soon, as they've gained another fan from tonight

Apocalyptica are a band ive been waiting to see properly for quite a while now, after being mercilessly pulled away at sonisphere this year by our editor Trigger and ya know the offer of beer, as you do, any way less waffle. First 3 songs are all instrumental and metal as fuck which peaks on the 4th with master of puppets and I and most of the crowd sing the lyrics to this alternative but just as heavy take on this thrash classic, 5th song is with vocals which is called end of me which is followed by I'm not Jesus he's not quite Corey Taylor but still pretty fucking awesome, refuse/resist another heavy cover tie great and got me some more head banging done. Another 2 new songs from 7th symphony first up is beautful and is very melodic and classical, jus taking it down a few notches, a bit of a breather you could say and it every bit beautiful as the title suggests, sacra continues in the same vein only much darker and sadder, other instrumental songs include, bittersweet and Last hope before the vocalist came out for bring them to light, which is fast and heavy as hell, A real head banger, seek and destroy gets the crowd going suitably wild again, and they round offend main set with inquisition symphony another really heavy song tons of bass to really feel the music. They open there encore with Gates of Manala which is a fairly long and heavy song , could have been shorter but you can live with that. Inform care follows which and the show is then closed by the hall of the mountain king, bloody awesome as I like the original piece and most covers Ive heard are excellent and this is no exception! Brilliant!!

Awake By Design 2/5
Pain Of Salvation 4/5
Apocalyptica 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Eicca Toppinen
Paavo Lötjönen
Perttu Kivilaakso
Mikko Sirén

 Pain OF Salvation

Daniel Gildenlöw
Fredrik Hermansson
Johan Hallgren
Léo Margarit

 Awake By Design

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