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Sum 41
The Black Pacific, Riverboat Gamblers, Veara
Birmingham, Academy
2nd November 2010
Sum 41                 The Black Pacific        The Riverboat Gamblers        Veara
Veara,Heavy pop punk band, these guys have got them a few meaty riffs and a heavy rock driven sound with pop punk sensibilities , it's a good crunchy sound that makes it favourable to my ears. These guys have a decent stage presence tons of jumping around, the bass player must be on something, never seems to stop moving and doesn't seem to miss a note that I can hear anyway! The drumming is energetic and solid as is the guitar playing lots of uplifting riffs and good to see a band having fun out there and seem to be going down well with the crowd, as they got something to nod head and tap there toes to.

Riverboat Gamblers, A more aggressive punk band than the previous act. I can see and feel the rawer sound this band produce but seems less fluid than the band before. I think they had too many ideas and put them all into there songs, the songs ain't bad but could have been better I think. I enjoy that the songs are heavy & raw and you could cut lose a little to these songs. There's some really decent beats in the songs the drumming is pretty good, and they also have a few catchy lyrics that you can sing along to.

The black Pacific are a bit like band on before only more fluid but about as raw in sound. Tons of energy on stage, the band playing up for the camera and the crowd even taking a fellow togs camera and shooting the crowd which ain't bad . They cam out to NWAs comin straight outta Compton which was nice, as I do like that song. I will say that a lot of there songs sounded kinda the same, no much in the way of noticeable change in the songs, I'm sure listening to the CDs will prove menacing but live, I just didn't feel it. They got the crowd involved a lot though which was cool, I'm surprised any of em didn't jump in the crowd as they seem like a band that would do that kinda shit. They Played a cover of blitzkrieg bop towards the end of there set.

I can't say I was a fan of Sum 41s early stuff but when they released chuck they got my attention it was heavy and it was good. less poppy more riffs it seems they've bought the heaviness into there live show, it seems there older stuff just feels heavier, they even did a blast on master of puppets which will win me over any day!! He called some of the crowd up on the stage a few times during the set which is pretty damn awesome for the fans involved I'm sure if the band could have the whole crowd up there they would, it's not a sell out crowd tonight by any means. I'm not familiar to all there stuff but a lot of the favourites are near the end of the set though apart from hell song which opened the set, other songs that featured were, we're all to blame, direction, motivation, underclass hero, over my head and no brains. they did another cover which was paint it black by the rolling stones, (it's really heavy it's an ok cover),which is rather funny as I'm reading Keith Richards autobiography at the moment. Fat lip in which the crowd really seem to come alive lots of singing and jumping about, still waiting, pieces and into deep, again the crowd really coming alive, In to deep rounds off the set. It's a good set from these guys, never seen em before, lots of energy on stage, it's a good show, a band I may catch again and listen to chuck again..

Veara - 3/5
River Boat Gamblers - 3/5
Black Pacific - 3/5
Sum 41 - 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Sum 41

Deryck Whibley
Tom Thacker
Jason McCaslin
Steve Jocz

 Black Pacific

Jim Lindberg
Marc Orrell
Gavin Caswell
Alan Vega

 The Riverboat Gamblers

Mike Wiebe
Fadi el-Assad
Ian MacDougall
Rob Marchant



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