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My Passion
Dead By April, Don Broco
London, Underworld
31st October 2010
My Passion                Dead By April                Don Broco   
Halloween: the most evil, morbid and ghoulish of all nights. A night where dressing as slutty roadkill or Leatherface’s latest abattoir addition is not only acceptable but encouraged. The revellers and entertainers didn’t disappoint as zombie dreamboys, ghosts and, erm, minstrel birds came, rocked and conquered the sweaty pit of Underworld with their genre splicing genius.

Party starting wild boys, Don Broco took us to the Top Of The World and back again kicking out circle pit chaos within half a song. Not bad for relatively new kids on the block. The torso-exposing foursome were the delight of every girl and sexually confused alt-rock lad in the increasingly humid venue; even the fake torsos didn’t deter the girls from dealing out free knee rubs to an unsuspecting Rob (vocals) and Luke (bass). The dance-rock shenanigans continued for the full half hour of power set and the zombie-dreamboys wowed with Do What We Do as frontman Rob got down and dirty in the circle pit before having stage diving fans storm the stage.

Dead By April flexed their metal core muscles and encouraged every guy, girl and ghoul to do the same. The inked up Swedes took it up a notch in warming each reveller up for the headliners; think on-stage t shirt changes, vanity box antics and piercing rock to test even the toughest iron man. Treating us to brand new songs, like Stronger, from forthcoming album sent even the scattered Dad’s amongst the crowd into a head nodding frenzy. DBA’s metal-electronica overlaid with Backstreet Boy vocals, pit-of-hell screams and razor sharp metal edges against angsty lyrics are exactly what our Halloween called for.

Hitchin heart-rockers, My Passion, kept it sweet for the rest of the night; the delight on every Pete Wentz-fringe covered face was unparalleled as the band, along with new drummer Jamie Nicholls, unveiled their festive attire – head to toe black dipped bodies, white bands painted across their eyes and frontman Laurence Rene sporting some very fetching feathers. Belting out fan favourites Crazy And Me, Day Of The Bees and some song about birds who eat dead flesh. The Corporate Flesh Party starters dragged up two ghosts from the crowd to show off their crazy dance shapes to the sold out crowd before crowd surfing them home and bringing friends from Dead By April on stage to join the festivities once more. Asleep In The Asylum closed the fright night celebrations leaving body paint dribbling off their bodies and onto mic, guitar and ghosts as touched.
Every time I see My Passion I am pleasantly surprised. Look passed the emo-Jedward barnets and super-styled image to see what is really there; perfectly orchestrated electronic dance punk that does its worst to break your body, one synthed up riff at a time.

My Passion - 5/5
Dead By April - 5/5
Don Broco - 5/5

Review By Jessica Acreman

 My Passion

Laurence René
John Be
Jonathan Gaskin
Simon Rowlands
Jamie Nicholls

 Dead By April

Jimmie Strimell
Zandro Santiago
Marcus Wesslén
Alex Svenningsson

 Don Broco


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