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Dillinger Escape Plan
The Ocean
Birmingham, Academy 2
28th October 2010
Dillinger Escape Plan             The Ocean                   
If you had to pick a soundtrack to the apocalypse I'd have to go with the Ocean, it's a heavy brutal sound with screaming/growling vocals which ain't too bad today, loci vocals have a certain quality to then, the music seems to keep you guessing you don't kmow where the breakdown and all out mayhem is gonna come from next. It's got a really heavy bass driven sound rumbling well everything, next door must be wondering what is going on. Loci was bouncing all over the place good energy from the front man, almost throttling me a few times with the mic lead. Overall it was a really good performance full of energy and the right sort of aggressive music that got the gig off to a flyer!

Dillinger Escape Plan
I'm not closed mind enough to dismiss and instantly hate this band because they don't play my particular brand of music, Mathcore, hardcore, whatevercore, if you ask me its all the same really, its aggressive heavy metal damn it!! Enough dribble, Its really fucking fast aggressive playing from all the guys in the band, theres a song in there somewhere im sure, but i really cant hear it and for the first 3 songs being in the photographers pit, its mostly all about avoiding getting hit by either the people in the front row thrashing about, or avoiding the band as the front man leaps from the stage into the crowd and swings off the rafters and speaker stacks, fucking insane!!! The visual is amazing the band jumping about, the crowd loved all of it, some of the band performing in the crowd near the end, I dont know any of the song titles but its varies in aggression. The music i have to say im not a fan of but the passion in the performance was pretty decent and exciting to watch because you didn't know what the band was gonna do next!

The Ocean 4/5
Dillinger escape Plan 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Dillinger Escape Plan

Ben Weinman
Liam Wilson
Greg Puciato
Jeff Tuttle
Billy Rymer

 The Ocean

Loïc Rossetti
Jona Nido
Robin Staps
Louis Jucker
Luc Hess
Nils Lindenhayn

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