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The Charlatans
Shaun Ryder
Birmingham, Academy

23rd October 2010
The Charlatans             Shaun Ryder     
Photo Of Shaun Ryder © Copyright Robert LawrenceShaun Ryder and Co open with Kinky afro which is then followed by electric Scales and Loose Fit,the whole thing smacks of hat unmistakeable 90s sound, it does sound a tad dated but it was from a good time! so I'll let it slide, seeing people doing that dance, you know the one, was quite funny too. Name of the father and Rev black grape, Temazi Party songs by his former band black grape, this gets the room really bouncing along even more so than it already is, there's a real good vibe in here tonight, the bass is really heavy probably just a tad too much and the vocals could be a tad cleaner and higher in the mix. Shaun spends pretty much the entire set rooted to the spot and hand in pocket,normally for most people it would project nervousness but i doubt that's the case, he's just too laid back to give a smeg, he let's the female singer on stage fill the stage presence hole. Step on is a song that I remember when I was growing up and is by far probably one of the most famous songs from the time,good classic tune!!

The Charlatans come on to great applause and going into Then which aint a bad opening song which is followed by Weirdo, Tim (vocals) is wearing the worse sweater I've ever seen, thankfully it is discarded Cant get out of bed, a song that I know and like, it must have been dead sweaty in there! I really like smash the system off there new album it's pretty laid back and sounds great live its got good guitar work, strike that, the whole band are playing well! they know how to write some good catchy songs and now with time they have got a wealth of material to draw from.

Photo Of The Charlatans © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe band seem really up for it tonight, the front man Tim is playing up for the camera and crowd. It's a band I've never really listened to much if at all, there's a few that I know, I can see where Liam Gallagher may have got an influence from in the way he sings. I don't want to sound old and I'm not but it is either my hearing is getting better or there playing the music really loud here these days! For a band that's been around since what seems forever(you know the late 80's), they still do what they do really well. Its is the end of the UK leg of the tour so they really are in the groove right now, a lot of the tunes played here tonight I think I'm a fan of, The 7th song, one to another, has a really good opening, great sound to the guitar lots of wah wah pedal(I think), good sound through out too! Your pure soul is a really great song, first time I've beard it, great chorus, love this song! After a few so so songs, oh takes the pace and mood down a notch. The set picks up with this is the end and black and blue eyes, its a top song. After the encore of Love is Ending and Jesus Hairdo, Jon there current drummer who's sick at the moment gets on the drums for the last song of the night,Sproston Green top top song and good to see Jon on the drums, its a good way to close the set and UK leg of the tour, I may be buying a few tunes online.

The Charlatans - 5/5
Shaun Ryder - 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 The Charlatans

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Shaun Ryder

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