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The Manic Shine
Katalina Kicks
London, Barfly

22nd October 2010
The Manic Shine           Katalina Kicks     
Photo Of The Manic Shine © Copyright Jessica AcremanBlues, grooves and rock n roll were tonight's most sought after commodities. Thankfully then The Manic Shine and friends brought their A-game reducing Camden Barfly to its knees. Rock hard support in the shape of Katalina Kicks warmed the icicles off our ear plugs as the dishy four piece proved their not shy in taking 2x4 alt rock and roughing it up behind the bikeshed; creating thunder with tunes from their impressive yet toddling back catalogue including single 145.

No need for coertion, every fan, friend and family member were present and correct for The Manic Shine's bill topping slot. And what an enthusiastic bunch they are! From the moment Ozzie, Tamir, Orren and James 'Hutch' stepped onto that hallowed stage to strum their first blues dripping chord the front row to the back bar and everywhere inbetween channelled their inner Shakira for a night of hip-shaking insanity.

Photo Of The Manic Shine © Copyright Jessica AcremanTMS's driving force frontman Ozzie Rodgers utilised his charm offensive to the max, entangling enamoured girls and indie-centric guys around his little finger. The showman and his talented band pumped up the already chomping crowd, hitting all the right buttons. Pretend and Burn Me On The Ceiling packed a punch with their musical skewers of classic rock, blues and a smattering of electro-groove while Hendrix-esque harmonies showed exactly what this Clark Kent rock band are made of. Not even Justin Timberlake was safe and boy, would he beggar belief at the overhaul his once chart-topper received. Rock Your Body's big, bold, rock n roll make over bouldered the original out of the water. This may be the best version of the poptastic favourite. Ever. With the entire set being recorded, you really should get on TMS's Youtube or Myspace asap to get in on all the JT action and relive singing thunder maker Orren, happy birthday.

Exciting, driven and just the dynamite to kick start your weekend. The Manic Shine are, from now, on your new live list. Catch them before their whisper turns into a scream on the London live rock circuit.

The Manic Shine - 5/5
Katalina Kicks - 4/5

Review By Jessica Acreman

 The Manic Shine

Ozzie Rodgers
James Hutchison
Tamir Karp
Orren Karp

 Katalina Kicks


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