Gig Review
Cardiff, The Point
11th June 2007

The first thing that hit me when I arrived at the venue to see Hadouken was the intense exotic heat that hit me as I went inside. I knew from then on that this was going to affect the entire night but tried to ignore it. The small-sized venue was full to burst with a vast variation of people; ranging from kids donning their neon and tight jeans to middle aged men acting as if they were down their local. When Hadouken first came on stage the crowd instantly went crazy, lobbing glo-sticks around and dancing so wildly the sweat created by the heat was literally flying off of them. The atmosphere was electric. To describe Hadouken’s sound; they sound like the lovechild of Klaxons and Dizzee Rascal. As soon as they burst into ‘That Boy, That Girl’ (the band’s most well known song to date), the heat rises and the energy increases. The band demonstrates a loyalty to their fashion, remaining in their hoodies through ‘til the end. When they perform ‘Liquid Lives’ they encourage the crowd to divide into two and have a dance-off. The combination of the band’s interaction with their fans and the adrenaline-fuelled performance they demonstrate on stage ensure for a manic evening. The following songs are ones I don’t really know, and in all honesty, I’m too busy coming up with methods to cool down to notice. If only air conditioning had been functioning, I may have enjoyed it even more and they would have been bumped up to 4 out of 5. But as James (lead vocalist) swaps hats with a pleading guy at the front of the crowd, I’m focused on getting outside as fast as possible. But it’s clear from the amount of sweat-soaked kids and middle-aged men alike, that despite the heat and poor conditions inside, Hadouken created one hell of an energetic rave.

Review By Fiona

James Smith (vocals)
Alice Spooner (synths, keyboards)
Daniel Rice (guitar)
Chris Purcell (bass, vocals)
Nick Rice (drums)
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