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Badly Drawn Boy
The Candle Thieves
Birmingham, Town Hall

18th October 2010
Badly Drawn Boy         The Candle Thieves    

Photo Of The Candle Thieves © Copyright Robetr LawrenceThe Candle Thieves - Mellow 2 piece band, guitarist and keyboard player, simple melodic tunes very mellow easy listening, the kind of music you can put on in the back ground and ignore, the lyrics are pretty normal, kind of abstract and slightly random. During the third song, they handed instruments out to the front row, I ended up with a Tom drum, and fluffed the beat wools and it was moved on to someone who paid for there ticket, not a free loader like me. The 4th number seemed to go into a reprise of the first song. And the 5th the singer took off into the crowd. It's all very good stage craft and playing of there instruments, it's hard to make easy to listen music and not have it being cheesy, it's nice easy music, bit middle of the road for me but I can dig it

Badly Drawn Boy - Damon starts the set on his own, centre stage and opens with a Richie Haydn cover which is followed by Is there something we can do?
The shining,3rd song in, is a song ain't heard in years and I didn't know it was one of his songs either, great tune. Playing the first few songs To his set on his own with just his acoustic guitar. Still wearing the trade Mark beanie. I'm not all that familiar with most of his work other than the ones that are really well known. Apparently Birmingham is bringing out the misery type songs, lol, 20 years ago, is then followed by a minor incident, which is from the about a boy album, and he breaks open the mouth organ for this number.

Photo Of Badly Drawn Boy © Copyright Robetr LawrenceThe band come on stage and open with in safe hands. Its First song off the new album. I was expecting the tempo and overall feel to be more up beat, but it still feels like the pace needs a shot in arm. Too many miracles, is the new single tone released and is more upbeat and brings the set to life somewhat, I guess the dedicated fans ain't so dedicated for a Monday night as hardly anyone has seen the video for this song leaving them selves open to bit of ribbing from Damon. Saw you walk away is apparently the hardest song ,He plays 5 seconds of the song then leaves the stage for a fag while some roadie tunes the guitar!

This electric is a song he wrote back in 94 but Never recorded till this new record, the set finally has picked up in mood and pace to something more upbeat, the sound mix id off and the vocal could go up a notch and his guitar sounds a bit muddy Disillusioned, has got a bluesy sound to it, which I quite enjoy,Something to talk about is another one that I know, and can quite enjoy it also For the final song they Do a song medly that includes like a virgin, Simon says, and for the encore he covers Bruce Springsteen's thunder road, just singing with a backing track. Overall the performance was ok, I get the feeling that he wasnt really up for this tonight, coming on late walking off mid set, the sound was a bit shoddy, could have be better but it could have been worse too.

Badly Drawn Boy - 4/5
The Candle Thieves - 3/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Badly Drawn Boy

Damon Gough

 The Candle Thieves

Scott Mcewan
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