Gig Review

London, Koko

1st October 2010
Melancholy, mellow and swelling with more than a splash of metal. Oceansize delivered a poignant and emotional set unlike your regular rock show; no demands for chaos. No circle pits or walls of death. No wit-laden banter. Just well written, pensive tunes inducing head bobs and sporadic fist pumps.

From the outset the notes that traversed the sonic stream and penetrated even the hardest heart of stone, chipping away to the molten core allowing Koko's revellers' souls to breathe a sigh of relief. Asymmetric riffs toyed with our ears. While the doldrums banged and beaten from Mark Heron's gargantuan skins broke the static crowd causing shoulders to sway and heads to nod, albeit gingerly at first as if moving is not an option. Heck, even enthusiastic finger points flitted up and down from the pit.

The quiet quintet's performance may be compared with the likes of Editors. Their winning formula created a choreographed set of metal ridged rock multiplied by elongated harmonies minus interactive chat. Banter about 'banter banter banter music music music' bookmarked the show; they needed no more. Oceansize's obvious spark for captivating a thousand or so people with their cathartic back catalogue shone through in every note. Ethereal white lights simply skimmed over top of the audience, hypnotising every ear and eye as the Mancunians played out highlights of their 'best album ever', 2010's Self-Preserved While The Bodies Float Up.

Oceansize flexed their alt rock muscles for what was a decent show but was sadly jaded by the early curfew - being on route home by 10pm is hardly living the rock n roll dream - and what was seen by many as a self-indulgent encore merely added salt to the wound.

Oceansize - 3/5

Review By Jessica Acreman


Mike Vennart (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Steven Hodson (Bass, Keyboards)
Mark Heron (Drums, Cymbals)
Steve Durose (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Gambler (Guitar, Keyboards)

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