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Black Mountain
Wolf People
Birmingham, Hare And Hounds

5th September 2010
Black Mountain      Wolf People                      
Wolf people are An English 4 peace bluesy rock band, they exude an quite confidence in there playing not really pushing the abilities to the max with technicality, but playing what looks easy and sounds even better as the sound oozes easy to listen to riffs within the songs, even if they do tend to drag a bit you don't really mind as it isn't a boring listen. Its also good to listen to a band that has various levels of quite parts other than being at just one level of loud there songs have a dry feel to them with a few layers to keep your interest, but the catchyness always shines through as in the 3rd song they play. For once it's good to see the hare an hounds packed out for 2 bands. Would certainly have fitted in with tha bands that emerged in the late 60s/early 70s. Overall its a solid performance, and I certainly would mind getting some of there material and seeing them again.

Black Mountain are A five piece Canadian rock band, after a rather dry start with an annoyingly long intro and opening track, Radiant, which I assume is part of the intro. The 2nd song, Wilderness, is when the band kicked nicely into life, I may note that I've never heard of this band before, so I didn't know what to expect, The third has a good chugging riff which seems to drown the vocals making them murky and hard to make out, but they do seem a tad on the plain side there were also calls from the crowd to have the vocals turned up and from where I was standing I think this went unanswered. The drumming is solid if a tad simple as is the bass playing. The guitar work is pretty decent but I think maybe a second guitarist would add another layer that would work well but I Think the synth player does good in my imaginary void!( if that didn't make any sense, they had an actual Synth player!) The songs they played wasnt too bad, they played quite a few songs which included Buried, Stay free, Let Spirits, Stormy and set closer and Set highlight Don't Run. Overall its was a decent enough set, but lacking good presence on stage, but again, it was good see that they packed out the venue something I don't normally see in small venues from bands from abroad.

Black Mountain - 4/5
Wolf People - 4/5

Review By Robetr Lawrence

 Black Mountain

Matt Camirand
Stephen McBean
Jeremy Schmidt
Amber Webber
Joshua Wells

 Wolf People

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