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The Xcerts, Straight Lines
London, Borderlin

23rd September 2010
Futures                   The Xcerts     Straight Lines
Drizzle, delays and dingey clubs down cobbled streets. Futures are headlining Borderline tonight with a troop of punk-pop support backing them all the way. Despite the delays and subsequently missing all of Straight Lines' set - but boy did it sound bloody great - my luck spun on its head and I got inside the venue in time for enjoy a Captain and coke before The Xcerts took to the stage. Equipped with an ironman set list comprising of album belters Scatterbrain, Do You Feel Safe and new single Young, I had high expectations of this Scottish rock outfit. For me, their set fell a bit flat and the plaid clad trio seemed unable to build rapport with their salivating spectators not send them into a pre-Futures' frenzy.

Band of the moment, Futures sold out this leg of their debut headline tour in a miniscule three days. Madness really when this is off the back of their mini-album, The Holiday. The proof is in the pudding as the packed out venue swelled, soared and screamed with each and every beat of George Lindsay's drum or strum of Casey Roarty's guitar as the foursome - completed by frontman Ant West and bassist Christian Ward - blasted in with 16 and The Holiday, sending hearts racing in every chest.

As tracks from their free mini-album induces a wave of beaming faces throughout, new songs Island In The Sea and forthcoming debut single Oxygen proved this yearling group to be anything but a flash in the pan. "Anthem for everyone" Thank You saw die hard Futureites clap relentlessly over the bridge and before swiftly and seamlessly joining in with huge choruses of "I will take you there, I will take you there". Already backed by a loyal following, it came as no surprise that chants of "Boy who cried wolf" preempted the ender before it was even hinted at. As the intro riffs kicked in, the circle pits and unrelenting bouncing ricocheted up to the mezzanine and beyond. No doubt West's milk crate karaoke imprinted a memory for many in the pit as he risked life, limb and face to rock out with his already adoring fans.

Superb showmanship and song writing nous will see Futures go far; so make sure you see them go there. The quartet are as charming and enigmatic live as you can imagine when you listen to their studio exploits. What does the future holds for Futures? Who knows, but I can't wait to take the ride, see them grow as a band and take more risks on stage.

Futures - 4/5
The Xcerts - 2/5
Straight Lines - 3/5 (well, they sounded great!)

Review By Jessica Acreman


Ant West
Casey Roaty
Christian Ward
George Lindsey

 The Xcerts

Murray Macleod
Jordan Smith
Tom Heron

 Straight Lines

Tom Jenkins
Dane Campbell
James Pugh
Todd Campbell

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