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Attack! Attack!
Straight Lines, Brooke, We Are Giants
Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
29th June 2010
Attack! Attack!      Straight Lines         Brooke           We Are Giants
Sporting many a freckle on my face, Glastonbury-golden arms and one hell of a sunburnt nose, my festival broken body and I made our way to Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach for a pop-punk show that was to demolish any fatigue clinging onto my being. On their Welsh headline tour, Attack! Attack! Pay tribute to their roots with a Welsh-only bill, completed by Straight Lines, Brooke and We Are Giants.

We Are Giants delved right in at the deep end armed with their Offspring style punk riffs and a distinct heaviness about their proceedings. Tunes like ‘An Honest End’ and ‘Sticks And Stones’ combine well timed pace changes and angsty, lovelorn lyrics which pull on the all the right heartstrings in a real way that doesn’t induce your gag reflex. Despite sporting a mini-flu their Herculean frontman, Greg, battled onwards and upwards to show off his excellent vocal talents. Keep one eye on WAG as their moshable riffs and chant along choruses will have you doing just that in no time.

From the first half of their first song Brooke had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand, demonstrated by in the air hand claps actually in time to the beats. Performing a hoard of full throttle, pop-rock tween filling fodder that actually isn’t shit can often be a feat in itself, but Brooke have done it thanks to the hypnotic ‘Addicted To Nothing’, ‘Street Car’ and a cover of All Time Low’s ‘Damned If I Do Ya’; conveniently leaving out the verses for their fans to fill in. A band who knew their audience better than their best mate’s sister kept up the pace with burps, Mum banter and shameless flirting with the frontrow. Ooh, the charmers!

Bigger, louder and bolshier than their album ‘Persistence In This Game’ could have ever prepared us for, Straight Lines forewent the subtle intro in favour of the bone smashing drums and ear shattering axes of ‘Antics’. The Pyle natives packed a punch in their half hour of power set; pummelling out ‘Loose Change’ and ‘Say It For Your Sake’ pepped up a room full of people who, to be honest, really needed no encouragement. However it was ‘Versus The Allegiance’ that really started a fire and set off the ever throbbing mob. Straight Lines treated us to a brand new track called ‘erm, Mister New Song’, a high octane, raspy rockathon; the band reached new heights with big screamo vox sliding in amongst Tom’s trademark wailing vocals keeping it familiar. Rock’s new Welshies rounded up proceedings with ‘Perfect Mistakes’ commencing with ‘Put your hands up!’ demands and ending with James and Todd’s inter crowd rock outs, conveniently in line with the only fan in the sweat filled venue.

Howling sirens beckoned headliners Attack! Attack! to the frontline so that, track after track they could prove their heir to the rock-pop crowd. They got the floors fluctuating under jumping, Vans clad feet as from beat one, a circle pit ensued. Swelling, sweating and slaughtering those who dared stand nearby as the headline slot took shape. ‘You And Me’, ‘Honesty’ and ‘Wake Up Call’ taunted bigger pits and more and more noise with their uber up-tempo riffs and beats.

Teaching never before heard songs seems to be the name of the game in rock shows of late and tonight was no different as Ryan learns us the language barrier breaking chorus of ‘Blood On My Hands’. When the track kicked in we were treated to sublime pace changes and the traditional sing along chorus.

Killing For Company were due to support Attack! Attack! on this tour before the tragic passing of Stuart Cable. ‘From Now On’ was dedicated to their friends and a round of applause rang through Clwb for Stuart Cable; a poignant choice and a mellow interlude from the otherwise frenetic set, emotion dripping from each riff and every line.

The South Welsh quartet dealt in covers of The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’ and Metallica’s ‘Not Afraid’, each with a tasty AA twist. By the time the final song, ‘Too Bad Son’ attacked my frontal lobes, my festival-fatigue was desperately trying to take over after a few hours of being suppressed by the most delicious kind of rock-pop this side of the Severn Bridge.

If you missed out on Attack! Attack!’s Welsh tour be sure to catch them – and friends Straight Lines – on the UK headline tour in October.

Attack! Attack! - 4/5
Straight Lines - 4/5
Brooke – 3/5
We Are Giants - 3.5/5

Review By Jessica Acreman

 Attack! Attack!

Neil Starr
Ryan Day
Will Davies
Mike Griffiths

 Straight Lines


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