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Circa Survive
Birmingham, Academy 2
17th July 2010
Circa Survive         Halos
Photo Of Halos © Copyright Robert LawrenceHalos, Melodic indie rock band maybe? Some sweeping melodic sound scales, easy to listen to, even the louder parts are nice and doesn't lose the melody in fact it takes every song up a notch, although each song seems to follow the same path, while that could be annoying the crowd is really soaking it up and applauding after each song. The chugging riff at the start of the 5th song is catchy, it builds before it goes into the rest of the song, it's really explode but it's still a really decent song. The vocals are pretty decent they soar above the band when the guy really gets into it but the mix isn’t all that great if I'm honest but the sound of the band is still decent. They key boards are pretty decent with some bands it doesn’t work, but the keys seem to be an integral part of the sound rather than an afterthought! The visual show is pretty good the band have decent stage presence and isn’t afraid to really feel and get moving about with their music which is always nice to see! Overall it's a really top performance that will take some beating

Photo Of Circa Survive © Copyright Robert LawrenceCirca survive, A band that seems to be a cross between 30 seconds to Mars melodies and the Mars Volta explosiveness! They really cut lose it's a good modern prog rock sound with tons of energy unleashed on stage. There's two real contrasting parts in every song which every song seems to follow a quieter part and then the part that rips your head off, but you like every progressive minute of it. It's not an original sound by far but you’re not going to find too many bands that do it better than this.

While the academy 2 tonight isn't packed to the rafters I'd say that most if not all of the people here tonight are diehard fans as I don't think this is the sort of band not unlike the Mars Volta that has casual fans, there tons of singing along from the crowd where normally isn't for most bands! This is a top performance tonight, and it’s good to see some bands being progressive and doing it really well, hope to see them again soon!

Circa Survive - 4/5
Halos– 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Circa Survive

Anthony Green
Colin Frangicetto
Brendan Ekstrom
Nick Beard
Steve Clifford


Dan Lyman
John Hoge
Josh Huber
Zak Freedman
Sotiris Eliopoulos

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