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Colours Of One
Starseed, The Stencils
Cardiff, Barfly
18th July 2010
Colours Of One      Starseed           The Stencils
After doodle-thons and accent impresentions we made our way from The Rummer Tavern to Cardiff's Barfly. Just in time to catch a glimpse of opening act, The Stencils. Typcially Sputh Welsh in their vibe with a distinct Ramones style flowing from their fingertips along the sonic stream. The Stencils were akin to musical sunshine spewing through dungeon bars.

Next up Starseed treated the sparse venue to their own half hour of power as vocals slid and soared above humungous guitar noise and Herculean sticks. See Through Your Lies chucked the rule book out of the window after the electric intro climaxed all over the one mam dance party, before the asymmetric arrangements kicked him right out of time. Forthcoming single, Falling, is musically multidimensional across a definite vocal chord work out; Russell's larynx worked overtime with key changes switching from kitten soft to downright abrasive. The South African troop, plus unassuming Essex boy and axe slayer Pete, took the steps to "slow things down a tad" by beating out The Untimely Death Of Sobriety. Huge riffs dug deep throughout but it's Murray's cheeky bass licks maling a break for your frontal lobes that made this song for me. On the flip side, The Last Time sent pulses racing as lightspeed breathey box ricocheted against heady guitar chords. Starseed shot from the hip with definite rockability; nifty pace and key changes intact. Hard rock mixed in melodies and enough decibels to ensureyou leave minus thirty percent of your aural range. Axe magic and the sheer chaos coming from behind the skins moved me as well as sending the solitary mosher into oblivion. Maybe it was this. Maybe it was the bands unfaltering focus on their craft. Either way, it seemed there was something holding back the pitless quintet, preventing any real connection with their audience. For a group so comfortable with their instruments it surely is only a matter of time before they are that way towards their fans.

Headliners and local boys, Colours Of One, performed from their album No News Makes Big Noise. Obviously happy on home turf, MikeSimmonds - who ironically looks cuddlier than the andrex puppy - shucker his kicks and had a chat with his crowd seconds before launching his classic rock pipes into Barfly's sonisphere. Boasting his skills during Burning Ants, Halo and well I could write alist but I'd rather Wax lyrical over lead guitarist's average efforts - average? Yeah right! COO's axeman exercised his musical fibers as well as showing off sartorial skills enoughbto make Ian Watkins shudder with glee. Spin prompted Mike to join the breakdancer for some shapeshifting frolics. Apparently 3D gig antics are here to stay!

Don't expect any of these talented upstartsto stay under the radar for long.

Colours Of One 4/5
Starseed 3.5/5
The Stencils 3/5

Review By Jessica Acreman

 Colours Of One



Russell Spence
Gerald Gill
Peter Wicker
Andrew Spence

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