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Pet Shop Boys
Sophie Ellis Baxter
Cardiff, Arena
20th July 2010
Pet Shop Boys             Sophie Ellis Baxtor
Photo Of Sophie Ellis Bextor © Copyright Jessica AcremanMum rock is very much alive and kicking. Pet shop boys' post-eighties multimedia theatrics were testament to this.

Sophis Ellis Bextor heated up the ever growing Welsh audience of Mums, Dads and life partners as she performed a bunch of her digestable pop hits against a bare minimal backdrop. Sporting a flattering LBD (that's little black dress in case you hadn't heard) and heels so killer they make Jason Voorhees seem kitten like yet adorned with more glitz than Sunset Strip. There was murder on the dancefloor as SEB pranced, popped and perpetuated her chart toppers.

The former hair model and mother of one won over the CIA with charm, elegance and a dishy band behind her; a sure winner with almost the entire audience.

The black sheets shrouding Pet Shop Boys' set fell to the stage floor unveiling two curious blocks of white blocks, 5x5 in dimensions. The house lights went down and two geometric keyboardists chimed in with electro chords as the once pristine backdrop became alight with a rainbows worth of coloured pixelated images. Neil and Chris made a grand entrance through the boxes. Fans were taken on a journey from Everytime to Pandemonium to Cest Vida Ay (I Love You), each tune causing bigger stir than it's predecessor thanks to each tailored light show sequence.

Photo Of PEt Shop Boys © Copyright Jessica AcremanTonight marks the "1st time we [Pet Shop Boys] have played in Wales this century" and the Blackpool supersounders are here spreading nowt but love. Love ETC flowed into Building A Wall who's post-angst lyrics broke down the light box barrier to reveal two dancers dressed in the spectrum, poised and ready to bust a Go West groove. You Were Always On My Mind, Go West and What Have I Done To Deserve This proving the main crowd pleasers from the eighties wonder duo. Not one body remained static nor did one voice remain disused for the spectacle.

One of the show's most versatile cast members were the amazing costumes which were reflective, colourful and yet so simple at times; from GaGa inspired mirrored jackets and glitter sprinkled ensembles to house-coloured cubist body covers, tuxedos and Specisl K ballroom dresses. Beautiful. However the Regal attire adorned for their cover of Coldplay's Viva La Vida won my vote; albeit slightly cheesie. But we love cheese and pop, that's why we're here! If we didn't love Brie-pop why would we be dancing and singing along to each and every PSB tune in the first place? Truth is, even this normal indie-rock kid hearts a bit of classic love stuffed electro-bubble-pop every now and again.

Colourful, extraneous and OTT - even with twin blonde dancers. Neil and Chris, I salute you!

Pet shop boys - 4.5/5
sophie ellis bextor - 3.5/5

Review By Jessica Acreman

 Pet Shop Boys

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