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City And Colour
London, Garage
15th June 2010
City And Colour         
Originally I wrote this review for my American friend as he is a massive fan of City and Colour (4) and has yet to see Dallas Green live. I thought it would be nice to make him drip with jealousy. So this is dedicated to my transatlantic comrade; Joe.

I had never been to a gig quite like this one before. As me and my two housemates walked into the HMV Forum we were surrounded by people that looked like variations of the same person. All the guys were either in check or denim shirts and all the girls were wearing denim or flower print. Everyone had a tunnel, piercings or a new school tattoo. Not to say I’m completely unique, my cardigan did have swallows on it, but it was just a bit bizarre.

When we finally made it onto the balcony, after stopping off at the bar, the place was packed out. Although there was no chance on getting a seat we did mange to get a place with a pretty good view of the stage so I wasn’t gong to miss a thing. After waiting with baited breath Dallas walked out on stage wearing a white shirt and little brown boots; you barely noticed the other band members making an appearance. The whole place goes crazy with screams, cheering and clapping. He hadn't even opened his mouth and everyone was eating out the palm of his hand.

Opening with ‘Forgive Me’ what feels like the entire venue bursts into song along with him almost as loud as he is. This carries on throughout the set. Although the bulk of the crowd is singing along his voice still manages to totally engross you.

Mid act the stage dimmed, the rest of the band made an exit and Dallas was flooded with a spotlight. Armed with just a guitar and a harmonica he played 'Body in a Box' with the backdrop shrouded in little fairylights to make it look like stars at night. This was one of my favourite songs of the night along with ‘Death of Me’ and ‘Waiting’. Along with old favourites he also played a couple of new songs: ‘Silver and Gold’ and ‘Oh Sister’

When he plays he completely comes to life and does this funny thing with his feet like half keeping time and half dancing. However his mid song banter let him down. The majority of the time I either couldn’t understand what he was saying or just couldn’t hear. In comparison to his singing voice he sounds monotone. Although he did make the whole crowd laugh with his joke in reference to the out of time clapping and whether or not it was a ploy to make him loose time.

For his encore he did an acapella version of 'Grinnin' In Your Face' which was outstanding. He literally captivated everyone in the place. I was transfixed. His voice manages to express the emotion of the song flawlessly. After finishing with a stunning rendition of 'Sleeping Sickness' I left with a melted heart. When he sings he draws you in and brings his songs to life. He is definitely performer that needs to be seen.

City And Colour 4/5

Review By Nicci Peet

 City And Colour

Dallas Green

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