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Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
5th May 2010
Hammerfall            Dream Evil          Tribe
The Wolvo slade rooms host tonights gig, much better than the Little Civic, and it was a surprise to get to the Wulfrun and find then venue being moved, Im a stranger in a strange land, but thanks to Google Maps I find myself and some Hammerfall fans safely there. Tribe are the opening act, the singing is generic classic rock singer, like a really bad Bruce Dickinson or even a bad Blaze Baily! Riffs are unimaginitive and boring drumming is so so like the bass playing. It's sterotypical heavy metal, no doubt they have talent but not making the best use of it, they were boring to look at and about the same to listen to! Dire!.

Dream Evil
Solid classic heavy metal band. Some really solid decent riffs, top stage presence with the band playing up to the camera. The Singer is kinda like Bruce Dickinson without the massive endurance for the screams!The music ain't too bad, some catchy riffs decent lyrics you can sing along too, drumming is simple but good. Guitar solos are of a fairly decent standard. The set remains catchy and heavy throughout songs such as Made of metal and heavy metal through the night which gets crowd clapping along, with a really great heavy chugging riff! Overall its good to see a really decent support act everynow and then and one that looks like there having fun!

Swedish power metal at quite possibly its finest, mixed with the fantasy world! Im not too familiar with the band as powermetal isnt my thing but by the end of the night, I was happy with what I heard abd they were also quite fun to shoot as there stage presence was pretty good, with the singer being the stand out man! They Opened with Punish and Enslave whoch got the crowd nicely warmed up then they took it up a notch with the mighty Crimson Thunder. Lots of heaviness in this set, with a surprising amount of decent riffs and solid bass playing along with some top drumming. Also in there set was Hallowed be my name, Rebel inside, the metal age and set closer Riders of the storm. The final 3 closing songs were Secrets, Let the Hammer fall and set closer, Hearts on Fire. It was a decent night, finishing late in the night at 1130 wasnt too bad although I had to be in work ASAP!

Tribe 2/5
Dream Evil 4/5
Hammerfall 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Joacim Cans
Oscar Dronjak
Pontus Norgren
Fredrik Larsson
Anders Johansson

 Dream Evil

Nick Night
Dannee Demon
Ritchie Rainbow
Pete Pain
Pat Power

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