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The Church Of Misery. The Gates Of Slumber
Birmingham, Academy 2
1st May 2010
Cathedral                     The Church Of Misery      The Gates Of Slumber
The Gates Of Slumber,3 piece heavy prog metal band from the US, purveyors of boring metal? front row nodding heads to show no disresepct maybe! First song is heavy but seems to go on and on for an ice age, it's not even an exciting song, the solos ain't too bad but that's about as redeeming as the opening the track gets. The second opens much better and up beat before going dark and heavy, bit of a simple track very repetitive, drumming is simple like the bass line. The guitar playing again simple apart from the solos! The breakdown of the second is pretty decent, melodic decent solo but again the song seems to wonder on and on and becomes overly long again! The third and final song is a mix of the first two, Finding the middle ground as it were heavy and more upbeat with the bass rumbling under it all! A decent heavy prog track at last, but I was board for most of it.

The Church Of Misery, Prog metal Japanese band, much more exciting than the opening band and alot more charismatic with the bass player playing up to my camera! The band is a decimate throw back to the 70s great stage presence the front man like a Japanese Robert plant very dramatic strutting his stuff, but I've no idea if he's singing in Japanese or English, either way it's good stuff, I think it is in English though! Drumming is simple but decent the bass is extraordinary as he strums higher up the bass than any other bass player I've seen before. The guitar playing is solid prog rock. The songs are lengthy affairs but not boring there's something that justkeeps you interested and watching and listening!

Catherdral, its hard to find doom metal bands or any metal band for that matter, that have been going for over 20 years. They Opened with Funeral of Dreams and Painting in the dark, and to be honest, it was boring, after The church of Misery lighting up the stage, it wasn't the start I was looking for, but things were on the up with Ride, getting the crowd bouncing with its opening bouncy riffs, it certainly livened up a dull start! After speaking with Lee Dorian, and hearing of his voice not being in tip top shape, it didn't seem to give through out there set which included North Berwick Witch, Carnival Bizarre, Cats Incense Candles and wine and main set closer Casket Chasers. Lee was a good showman tonight as ever. and still giving it some through the last two songs, Corpsecycle and Hopkins (The Witchfinder General), and the crowd bouncing along with him for most of the set! A great performance from this Coventry band to finish off the mini tour in style!

The Gates Of Slumber 3/5
The Chruch Of Misery 5/5
Cathedral 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Lee Dorrian
Garry Jennings
Leo Smee
Brian Dixon

 Church Of Misery

Yoshiakki Negishi
Tatsu Mikami
Junji Narita
Tom Sutton

 The Gates Of Slumber

Karl Simon
Jason McCash
Bob Fouts

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