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The Haunted
Birmingham, Academy
29th May 2010
Slayer                            The Haunted       
I've seen the haunted twice before, now either I want paying attention or just didn't like it, but now I'm saying I was wrong, after seeing them live for A third time I never realised that they had some really tasty heavy riffs and were quite melodic at the same time, not too sure on the vocals too much screaming but it's something you can live with!. The guitar work is decent stuff, great rhythm and decent lead playing working well together. The bass rumbling under it all with some solid drumming backing it all up. It just never heard them like this before. The music loses its way a little near the end of the set all sounds a tad samey nut the last song has a decent meaty head bang worthy riff and catchy drumbeat can't help but nod that head!, it's a strong song to finish to the set with, but the way they finished the set sucked, it just petered out with a whimper, disappointing!

Well where do you want to start with these thrash metal legends, Some douche bag threw an almost full pint of beer at the stage missed the stage, covered security and me just a little (a, what a twat and (b, what a waste of beer! I took out my ear plugs for slayer, because you just have to feel it! On to the show, a great roar as the legends come on stage and dive in to World Painted Blood Hate Worldwide, Superb! Brutal, heavy, great solos, good start to the set, on to the third and probably my favourite Slayer song, Cult, it is just brutal live, just blows you away and then some! One disappointment was the lack of Bloodline, another big favourite of mine with a great riff, but the songs they did play like Jihad, War Ensemble, Payback, Seasons in the Abyss, Chemical Warfare, Mandatory Suicide, certainly made up for it. Then for the one of the all time Metal classics, Raining Blood, just awesome, again blown away by a song that is almost as old as I am and still sounds as good as ever! Raining Blood then merges into Aggressive Perfector, which ends the main set! South of Heaven and Silent Scream open the encore, gotta love south of heaven with its cleaner sound, but still as brutal and even melodic at times! and to close the set that classic, Angel of Death, what a way to end the set, perfect choice to go out on a high with, Top performance by one of the big four of thrash tonight!

The Haunted 4/5
Slayer 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Tom Araya
Jeff Hanneman
Kerry King
Dave Lombardo

 The Haunted

Peter Dolving
Anders Björler
Jonas Björler
Patrik Jensen
Per Möller Jensen

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