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Twenty Twenty
Octane Ok, From the Get Go, The Following Announcement
Birmingham, Academy
5th June 2010
Twenty Twenty    Octane Ok          From The Get Go         The Following Announcement
The following announcement started there set before half the cue outside got in doors opened later than they should have! This pop punk band are not too bad but nothing special. They had good stage presence which was nice and lively, they had poppy riffs which had the crowd going quite nicely, judging from the reaction of the crowd, for every band, the crowd was a fan of each. TFA did a Enrique Iglesias cover, Hero, only all pop punked up, it’s an average cover, kind of sounds like the rest of their set really, which felt repetitive which was to be expected if I'm honest!

From the get go is a band that is very pop punk to its core and is in the same vein as TFA, and thankfully without a cover of a song in there set list, I’m not a fan of covers, as it seems like a cheap shot to get fans to like there band, because they play a popular song that's well known! Less of that now, what to say, another average band that did pretty much sound the same as the band before!

Octane Ok, a Local and better pop punk band than the previous bands that have been on so far, while the other bands had some catchy moments there not as polished as octane ok plus having a few more killer songs to take the night up a notch, take take, was a pretty decent song, one that even I'm familiar with, they played cover at the end by Jay Sean, Down! What was noticeable was this set was full of high energy and packed full of decent catchy songs, and that Twenty Twenty, rally have got their work cut out to top this performance!

Twenty Twenty, Well they got off to pretty poor start when it comes to headlining bands the opening 3 songs felt average and devoid of energy which to me felt more suited to a mid set energy saving come down, they Should have opened with the 4th song that they played which was Scared of Heights which was then followed by Tell me a Secret which is a big sing along with lots of crowd participation. Raise your hands, another big crowd participation song, they certainly got going but getting but 4 songs in to get this short set going, is pretty poor set list management, plus compared to other bands on tonight, the live performance wasn’t all that energetic either. All in all I think the best band on tonight was Octane Ok, followed closely by Twenty Twenty!

The Following Announcement 3/5
From The Get Go 3/5
Octane OK 4/5
Twenty Twenty 4/5

Review By Robetr Lawrence

 Twenty Twenty




 The Wait Of Regret


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