Gig Review

Devil Sold His Soul
The Boy Will Drown, The Wait Of Regret
Nottingham, Rock City Basement
3rd June 2010
Devil Sold His Soul        The Boy Will Drown          The Wait Of Regret
I always feel bad when a crazy metal band are playing to an empty room. Almost like a god figure preaching in an empty chapel. Thats the impression i got when entering anyhow. Within the opening minute the The Wait of Regret express a textured layout of technical rhythms and ecstatic emotive melodies. The hairs on the back of my neck came to life. A faultless string of songs. Definitely one for August Burns Red and This or The Apocalypse fans to watch out for. Some very well crafted ambiance and stagnant beatdowns breathe life and diverse atmosphere into the room. A definite reference to their peers, Devil Sold His Soul. I shall be checking these guys out. You should too.

The technical ability of these guys is incredibly overwhelming. The whole set evolves as one giant mechanical headtrip, yet the crowd is still set in stone. The sheer complexity of their performance enfolds itself, your ears twist round, upside down and back round until your brain is in knots. You have to give it up to these guys, note by note perfection, calculated and precise. Albert Einstein on acid. Dillinger Escape Plan watch your back. This band are as heavy as it gets. If you want your arse kicked into next year, come to a The Boy Will Drown gig.

Devil Sold His Soul sweep in their hands and gather the whole crowd into their grasp. Everyone is where they want to be. The impact of their entrance is mind blowing. They own everyone here. Brakes of ambiance create a strange sense of bliss, only to be smothered by a tidal wave of crushing distortion, Each wave penetrating every essence if your being. Devil Sold His Soul go crazy, they are home, their energy grows with each song, Their set encompasses the full range of their discography. The band members bounce of each other quite literally. Six great guys here to do what they love most. Every head in the crowd nods up and down, marching to the soundtrack of the end of the world. Strobe lights bring the scene into slow motion, the way this spectacle should be seen. Bliss returns, the two sides of Devil Sold His Soul work so well, I suppose they are right, Blessed and Cursed. Sometimes you may feel like the madness will never end but peace will always prevail, we are all blessed and cursed in our own ways.

Devil Sold His Soul 5/5
The Boy Will Drown 3/5
The Wait Of Regret 4/5

Review By Chris Ambridge

 Devil Sold His Soul

Ed Gibbs
Jonny Renshaw
Rick Chapple
Iain Trotter
Paul Kitney
Leks Wood

 The Boy Will Drown

Tom (Vocals)
Liam (Guitar)
James (Bass)
Ed (Drums)

 The Wait Of Regret


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