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Photo Of The Vincent Black Shadow © Copyright TriggerThe Vincent Black Shadow
Bristol, Anston Rooms
5th May 2007

Bristol Anston Rooms is a venue I had never been to until this evening and a venue that I wont be going back to in a hurry. The venue itself is nice and spacious just like an assembly hall at a school but the downside of the venue is the staff, because the venue is part of Bristol University and the Student Union, the majority of the staff are arrogant students who aren’t there because they like live music but more for the power of telling people what they can and can’t do and where they can and can’t go.

So ten minutes after finishing interviewing Rob from The Vincent Black Shadow, the band are due to take the stage for their thirty minute support slot for Kosheen, so I head to the main room with a beer in one hand and a camera in the other. The band soon take the stage with Cassandra taking centre position and the Kirkham brothers positioned around her with Anthony sat behind on the drums, Rob to the right on guitar and Chris to the left on Bass.

The whole band seem to have their own individual look and stage performance with guitarist Rob, dressed in a shirt and trousers with lightning bolts covering his guitar strap which seems to suit Rob with his energetic fast as lightning movements on stage with fancy footwork and killer guitar playing. Bassist, Chris Kirkham has a more chilled out approach on stage and is more about the image dressed head to toe in black with chains hanging from his trousers and a black spiky piece around his neck and a top hat with long dark black hair dangling down topping off his appearance. Drummer Anthony is a killer on the drums spinning his drum sticks around in his hands at every opportunity and looks as cool as his drumming dressed in a black shirt with a tribal symbol and big sunglasses covering his face. Vocalist Cassandra Ford looks quite dwarfed on stage next to the Kirkham brothers but looks every bit the front woman with her figure hugging dress, black and white stripy socks and high heeled boots giving her that extra bit of height and her vocals sounding as good and if not better than they do on the bands album.

Photo Of The Vincent Black Shadow © Copyright TriggerThe band play through a handful of hits from their debut album 'Fears In The Water'. 'Metro' was the one song most of the crowd knew and loved with the band putting maximum effort in. Other tracks the band played were 'Bullets On The Tracks', 'Valentine' and a few others whilst finishing with a great double whammy of the vocally strong 'Broken' where Cassandra's vocals really shined. The final song of the night was the bands album title track 'Fear's In The Water' which the band totally rocked out to with Rob stomping away across his side of the stage, Chris moving more than he has the whole show stepping on the speakers staring down at the crowd, Anthony giving his drums a good bashing and Cassandra hitting every note with her powerful voice.

Overall, a great set that was totally full of energy and went down pretty well with the crowd. Although, I was a little disappointed that The Vincent Black Shadow only got a thirty minute slot, lets hope they hurry up and come back over for a well deserved headline tour.


Review By Trigger
 The Vincent Black Shadow

Cassandra Ford (Vocals)
Rob Kirkham (Guitar)
Anthony Kirkham (Drums)
Chris Kirkham (Bass)
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