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Dear Superstar
New Device, Forever Living Dead
Nottingham, Rock City
27th May 2010
Dear Superstar       New Device          Forever Living Dead
Well I started my evening with a brilliant interview with Micky from Dear Superstar and was thoroughly looking forward to seeing what tonight’s show had to offer.

The first band on were a four piece called Forever Living Dead. Although I hate to admit it my first thoughts when I saw them were “Oh they look about 16…” and then “…and the lead singer reminds me of Jared Leto”…but then as they played my thoughts turned to “Although their influences are clear, they don’t bastardise them, they make their own sound…they can’t just be 16”. Their opening was bold and as a band they are all talented beyond their youthful look! Although the crowd size was small I still think this is a band full of potential and it’ll be interesting to see how they progress as they age, I have to say I was impressed!

Then New Device took the stage! Alongside an energetic, animated vocalist, this is a band that has also managed to collect four members that can sing well – a rarity for most bands! They played a strong set and managed to get a brilliant reaction from the still very small numbered crowd. One song in particular, and sadly I never caught its name, struck a very strong chord in me. The riff immediately reminded me of Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes…although it took me a good 5 or 10 minutes to realise that’s what song it was. It was a catchy song that’s for sure! They also treated us to their new single which I have to say begins very Avenged Sevenfoldesque but it’s a good energetic song, a good song to move about to, as long as enough people hear it I reckon it’ll be a popular song that’s for sure….although the Bette Davis song might be more catchy! A good strong performance, wouldn’t mind seeing them again!

Now finally the main event! Dear Superstar burst on to the stage and despite the small crowd gave a fantastic, energy filled performance akin to when I last saw them in April of last year with Papa Roach! They opened with Brothers in Blood which I think may have confused some members of the crowd – but it’s a nice change. I love this band, I’d forgotten how good and how professional they actually are until tonight. They still sound and look like they’re playing songs live for the first time not the hundredth which is brilliant, you can tell they love being up there. They played a varied set, some new, some old and they played a fantastic song – Glitter! It’s easy to see why Papa Roach love these boys and are taking them back out on tour –they’re relentless! One of their new songs, Change Yesterday, is a fantastic driving tune it’s catchy and hard hitting. I felt more like I was watching a friend’s band play back home rather than watching a band on the verge of great things rocking the hell out of Rock City’s basement bar. It really was a shame about the crowd though…

Overall, great night! Be sure to catch these bands in the future (if you can!)

Dear Superstar 4.5/5
New Device 3.5/5
Forever Living Dead 3.5/5

Review By Laura Dauny

 Dear Superstar

Micky Satiar (Vocals)
Smeth (Lead Guitar)
Milton Gunns (Rythm Guitar)
Amadeus (Bass Guitar)
The Minge (Drums)

 New Device

Daniel Leigh (Vocals)
Gaz Bolan (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Shane Lee (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Andy Saxton (Bass, Vocals)
Rozzy Ison (Drums)

 Forever Living Dead


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