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Die So Fluid
Black Sonic, Jim Stapley, Electric River
London Scala
21st May 2010
Die So Fluid          Black Sonic     Jim Stapley         Electric River
After a sweltering day in London spent with water bottle firmly in hand I was looking forward to getting out of the heat…and into a sweaty venue. Luckily for me when I arrived at half eight the Scala was quite empty. A small crowd had gathered in front of the stage for the opening act but apart from that the hall was quite bare.

Kicking off the show were the rather out of place ‘Electric River’ (3). A ska outfit that admitted themselves had no right to be at a metal night. Nonetheless the small but enthusiastic crowd greeted them well. I have a sneaking suspicion some of the people at the front were fans as when songs such as ‘Monster’s Ball’ were played they went wild and kicked their legs like old ska pros. To accommodate the people in the crowd that weren’t necessarily ska fans they played a ska-ed up cover of ‘Alive’ by ‘Pearl Jam’. For this one the singer departed from the mic and let the guitarist take centre stage. I can see why as he sung this song seamlessly while still managing to put his own twist on it. The Scala may not have been bulging when ‘Electric River’ took the stage but they definitely went down well with those that were there.

Next Jim Stapley of the ‘Jim Stapley Band’ (3) sauntered on stage as though he was from a different era. Oozing 70s rock and roll from every pore he hung of the microphone delivering an old school performance. Emanating sexuality, Jim Stapley opened with ‘See You Next Tuesday’ and continued the set with a similar tone with cheeky banter and an ‘I don’t care’ air. Meandering from one side of the stage to the other he controlled the crowd and delivered a performance that he was obviously passionate about despite brief but slightly fractious between song grumbling about his record label. His on stage playful demeanour fitted perfectly with his country blues rock n’ roll sound that would have fitted in well on a ‘Black Crowes’ tour. Although it wasn’t what most of the crowd had come to see his performance went down well with the metal fans.

As the venue began to fill up ‘Black Sonic’ (3) took the stage. Thrashing out their unequivocally classic metal sound they filled the Scala with the kind of music that the black t-shirted leather coat wearing crowd had obviously been waiting for. Although the rest of the gig had been enjoyable this was obviously more what everyone had come for. They complimented their timeless sound with powerful riffs, strong vocals and a performance that endeared the gig goers. At one point Maehti recorded the crowd on his digital camera which got an obviously wild response.

The crowd waited with baited breathe as ‘Die So Fluid’ (4) took the stage. As soon as the music started pumping, the still crowd transformed into a sweaty pit of bodies crashing into each other. There is not denying bass wielding Grog has immense presence. The stage is definitely her domain, studded cat suit or not. Mixing up their back catalogue with the new they blasted out classics such as ‘Suck Me Dry and ‘Happy Halloween’ and new tracks like ‘Mercury’. Although their industrial sound may not be my cup of tea there is no getting around the fact that ‘Die So Fluid’ put on a memorable show. Their set is tight due to their shared talent and years spent playing together. All in all it was a good night that ended on a high note thanks to ‘Die So Fluid’.

Electric River 3/5
Jim Stapley 3/5
Black Sonic 3/5
Die So Fluid 4/5

Review By Nicci Peet

 Die So Fluid


 Black Sonic


 Jim Stapley

Jim Stapley

 Electric River


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