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Forever Never, Halcyon Way
Nottingham, Rock City
14th May 2010
Fozzy                            Forever Never        Halcyon Way          
Well, I arrived at the venue at 6:50pm for my interview with the lovely Rich Ward at 7.00pm, which went well. This did unfortunately mean that I missed the Jokers, but I was told they were good!

Halcyon Way is an Atlanta based metal band and friends of Fozzy. They exploded onto the stage with more energy than I’ve seen for a while! Their songs had catchy melodies and the sound was spot on – no horrible feedback! The guitar playing was clean and since hearing their recordings I have to say they sound exactly the same! Top quality guys they are too, as I was bustled about by the enthusiastic crowd and ended up by the merch stand where I got talking to Chris from Halcyon way (who by the way, is very very tall and very very nice). Having been given free stud including a demo CD by them, it’s clear that they want to be famous and I for one, think they deserve it. Their live performance was great fun to watch and lovely to listen to! Yes, metal is lovely.

After a short break the Essex boys Forever Never graced us with their presence. A band I’ve seen before and thoroughly enjoy. Their distinctive sound won the crowd over with relative ease and soon most of the room was bustling about to the sounds of their brutal guitar and equally brutal vocals. They played a variety of their songs, including T.I.T.S which got the expected crowd reaction. The performance was, as always with Forever Never, energy charged and full of angst and testosterone but lacked something; maybe it was because I felt they didn’t fit quite right with the other bands playing. Don’t get me wrong Forever Never is a good band and they are great guys I just feel perhaps not the right choice to gig with Fozzy?

Finally, it was time for Fozzy. Now I’ve followed Fozzy since about 2003, but have never had the chance to see them live before so this was a little bit exciting for me and I have to say they did not disappoint one bit. Following the recent release of their fourth studio album ‘Chasing the Grail’ I was honestly intrigued as to what they were going to play. I hoped for lots of the new album because personally I loved it. They opened with my favourite song ‘Under Blackened Skies’ and from that moment the crowd were moving – not once did they stop. It’s no surprise really when every member of the band (bar the drummer of course) kept moving throughout. If anyone in that room had gone in thinking Fozzy were just some wrestler’s side project they would have left knowing this was serious business, Fozzy aren’t just the pet project of WWE superstar Chris Jericho, they’re a band jam packed with talent and they give off an energy that is quite simply infectious. If you haven’t heard of Fozzy give them a chance and if you haven’t seen them live – where the hell have you been?!

All in all, brilliant show and a brilliant night!

Halcyn Way 4/5
Forever Never 3/5
Fozzy 5/5

Review By Lauren Dauny


Chris Jericho
Rich Ward
Frank Fontsere
Sean B. Delson
Mike Martin

 Forever Never

Renny Carroll
George Lenox
Jack Mackrill
Sam Curtis
Kevin Yates

 Halcyon Way

Steve Braun
Jon Bodan

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