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The Big Pink
Esben And The Witch
Birmingham, Academy
12th May 2010
The Big Pink       Esben And The Witch                 
Arriving at the academy tonight, just after the cues had gone, only to find Id been left off the Guest list, I ended up missing the first bands set, which sucks but it happens!

Esben & The Witch (4) are a 3 piece Atmospheric electro band, kinda like Florence and the machine only without being as upbeat and massive pop musical sound scape, it's bordering on being a bit out there, but it's good music, certainly something I'd happily listen to again, they all chip in on the beating on the drum, each taking a part on the rim, skin and symbol that's on there too, the vocalist doubles as the bass player too, there's two guitarists with one doubling as the synth player as well. It's all well organised and well written but the songs do feel familiar as many sound the same, I find it engaging but I also feel it’s easy to ignore as some in the crowd did.

The Big Pink (4) are a 4 Piece Bass heavy electronic music, deeply atmospheric at times, and light and indie at others. They opened with the excellent Too young to love which was followed by war with the sun, these songs were not what I was expecting, but they did seem a tad lengthy, but it’s nothing you can’t live with! The guitar work along with the synth playing, it all works really well together along with some decent drumming nothing too complex but really effective. The songs seem to be well thought out as all the layers merge well to create decent sound scape. The stage presence is energetic and lively. The stage show is difficult to shoot as its all backlit, annoying for sure but I'll live! Other songs that featured were Velvet, Crystal Visions, Twilight, Sweet Dreams and the excellent Dominos which also closed the set, wasn't sure what to expect when I got to the academy tonight, but it was worth it!

Esben And The Witch 4/5
The Big Pink 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 The Big Pink

Robbie Furze
Milo Cordell

 Esben And The Witch


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