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New To Q Tour
Detroit Social Club, Tiffany Page, Goldhawks
London, Garage
18th May 2010
Detroit Social Club        Tiffany Page                   Goldhawks
Photo Of Tiffany Page © Copyright Nicci PeetThe Relentless Garage was less than packed out for this leg of the ‘New to Q’ tour. Possibly because these bands were 'new' so have yet to gather a following big enough to pack out a venue. However the people that were there seemed like am enthusiastic crowd.

Goldhawks tumbled out of backstage like a massive ball of energy that encompassed the stage and infected the rest of the venue. Belting out each song with vivacity and vigour they caught the audience’s attention and held it throughout the set. Despite one minor slip of an out of tune bass that was swiftly rectified on stage they pulled off an amazing live set. Their rendition of their new single ‘Where in the World’ was so good it made me want to go out and buy it. Putting their all into their act made for an impressive performance. They have definitely won me over as a fan. I love an amazing live band, and that is exactly what they are.

Photo Of Detriot Social Club © Copyright Nicci PeetTiffany Page sauntered on stage shoeless in a skin-tight black dress and laddered tights. This did nothing but strengthen the comparisons that have been made between her and Courtney Love. Not to say that she dressed identically to her but you could definitely see the 90s grunge influence before she even opened her mouth. Pounding out songs like ‘7 Years’ and ‘Walk Away Slow’ accompanied by her gruff grunge voice and guitar wielding stance she had the domineer and sound of a post grunge goddess. To end her set she shed her guitar and picked up a Macarena. Prowling around the stage oozing femininity she gave an unforgettable performance of 'playing with fire?'.

Last on were Detroit Social Club. David Burn started off crouching on the floor, mic clasped in clenched fists looking half as though he was praying half as though he was balling up in anger. This persisted throughout the performance. Although he was obviously giving his all and putting on a show I just didn’t really like his performance style. For some reason it just felt a bit forced. He was obviously extremely passionate about the music I cannot deny him that but I found him distracting which was disappointing as ‘Detroit Social Club’ are riddled with chunky guitar riffs and electrifying vocals. The keyboardist broke out a harmonica for ‘Silver’. This was my personal favourite of the set, with its funky beats and David picking up a Macarena (possibly borrowed from Tiffany Page).

Despite Detroit Social Club being the headline band I enjoyed the Goldhawk’s and Tiffany Page’s sets more. This was disappointing as I enjoy Detroit Social Club’s music. Just not live apparently. In fact I enjoyed the sets in backwards order, with Goldhawks giving the best show of all three.

Goldhawk 5/5
Tiffany Page 4/5
Detriot Social Club 3/5

Review By Nicci Peet

 Detriot Social Club

David Burn
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 Tiffany Page

Tiffany Page


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