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Andrew WK
London, Den And Centro
25th May 2010
Andrew WK                         
Photo Of Andrew WK © Copyright Nicci PeetI’m not going to lie. I didn’t have too higher expectations for the Andrew W.K gig at Den and Centro. I anticipated a night of headbanging party metal that was no doubt going to fun (after all it is Andrew W.K) but that’s all: cheesy fun. When I walked in half the front row had blow-up bananas, someone had even dressed up as one. This only strengthened my cheesy expectations.

Andrew W.K appeared on stage wearing his classic white t-shirt and jean combo and the set immediately started with Andrew thrashing around the stage hammering out his upbeat mish mash of metal, dance and pop. With the philosophy of “This isn’t a concert, this is a party” accompanying his party music the crowd were bursting with energy, crushing against the barrier and bouncing along. After a couple of songs of Andrew W.K showmanship, hair flailing and air punching somehow a member of the crowd managed to get onto the trapeze hanging from the ceiling. I have absolutely no idea how they got onto it or why the bouncer didn’t stop them when they swung onto stage but they unleashed a slow building whirlwind of frenzy. Once this rogue crowd member made it on stage into the welcoming arms of Andrew this seemed to signal that it was fine for everybody else (or at least twenty other crowd members) to join them on stage. The frenzy began.

Photo Of Andrew WK © Copyright Nicci PeetThe trickle of fans climbing over the barrier finally stopped due to the appearance of extra bouncers. Andrew W.K was now swarmed with people all begging to share the mic with him and join him in singing and I think nearly everyone got a go on the mic with him. He embraced the chaos on stage, not minding when people played his keyboard mid song. Needless to say all the antics on stage only made the crowd even more electrified than they had been and with Andrew W.K saying things like “This next song I give you permission to go absolutely fucking crazy” and playing songs like ‘Party Hard’ and ‘I Love NYC’ turned the Den and Centro into one massive crush and flurry of arms. The show ended with Andrew crowd surfing from the stage into the rest of the crowd and back again. A fitting end to a wild show.

This was one of the most memorable shows I have ever had the opportunity to go to. Andrew WK was right, it wasn’t a concert it was a party. He took crowd interaction to another level and gave a show that I don’t think anyone in that building is going to forget for a long time. His music may be a bit cheesy but is perfect for a party.

Andrew WK 5/5

Review By Nicci Peet

 Andrew WK

Andrew WK

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