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Third Eye Blind
London, Forum
15th May 2010
Third Eye Blind                            
Photo Of Third Eye Blind © Copyright Nicci PeetThird Eye Blind (3) could not have asked for a nicer day to finish their European tour. A mass of one of the most diverse audiences I have seen flocked to the HMV Forum in Kentish town. Although it wasn’t a sell out gig Third Eye Blind were welcomed with an enthusiastic audience full of obvious die hard fans. There were clearly high expectations of a good gig flying around the venue.

The first few songs were shrouded in darkness and smoke, I’m assuming for effect (not so good for a photographer). Although the first couple of tracks were done with no introduction or crowd interaction, leading with hits like ‘Loosing A Whole Year’ Third Eye Blind couldn’t really go wrong. I guess the lack of crowd interaction was to add to the mystery created by the smoke.

Although you expect a band to use the same lines over again at gigs I felt that Stephan Jenkins was at times transparent. For instance lines like “I just looked out into the crowd and saw a guy with a look of pure bliss on his face. It inspired me. I never want to forget that feeling.”. I am not impressed by rehearsed, re-hashed stage tricks. Most of the crowd seemed impressed by this tactic. Call me cynical, but it felt rehearsed. This left me less than impressed. I guess it works for them though; it seemed to ignite the majority of the crowd (although I did meet a guy after the show that felt the same way as me and my friend)

Photo Of Third Eye Blind © Copyright Nicci PeetToward the end of the set they embarked on what seemed like the longest rendition of ‘Jumper’ in existence. Mid song Stephan took it upon himself to introduce each band member and each respectfully got a solo. This was received with wild cheers and even fiercer ones when the solos finally merged into the end of the song.

When the set came to an end the Forum was filled with the sound of stomping to lure Third Eye Blind back on for an encore. And boy did they give an encore. Lasting an epic six songs they churned out classics like ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ and ‘Slow Motion’. Although ‘Slow Motion’ was, like the rest of the show a little a theatrical, with the Stephan clicking his fingers to make the stage lights go red on the line ‘A most beautiful ruby red’ I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it and was one of the best songs of the evening.

There is no denying the musical skill and performance techniques that Third Eye Blind have built up over years of experience. This gives them no excuse for a bad show, and they didn’t give one. But the performance techniques of Stephan just seemed a bit too rehearsed for my own personal taste. The general consensus from the rest of the gig goers however, was positive and they did put on a memorable show.

Third Eye Blind 3/5

Review By Nicci Peet

 Third Eye Blind

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