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Alkaline Trio
Set Your goals
Bristol, Academy
26th May 2010
Alkaline Trio        Set Your Goals                         
Photo Of Set Your Goals © Copyright TriggerI attended the Alkaline Trio show in Birmingham a few days ago and was majorly disappointed as they played the Academy and there was a serious lack of people in fact there was so little people in the venue that they could have easily played the Academy 2, due to the lack of people the atmosphere was really bad and Alkaline Trio came across a bit stale on stage and I went home very disappointed and feeling very optimistic about the Bristol show.

We headed to Bristol on what appeared to be a hot summer day, but by the time we decided to make it along to the venue the heavens opened from above and got us all pretty soaked on the short walk to the venue, we got in just before the main support band Set Your Goals took to the stage, the first thing I noticed when I got in was that once again the venue appeared to be very empty, even the upstairs bit leading to the Academy 2 was closed, however I collected my photo pass and made my way to the front for Set Your Goals.

Photo Of Set Your Goals © Copyright TriggerSet You Goals took to the stage to play a short 30 minutes set that consisted of 9 songs and throughout the whole set they displayed passionate energy and style as well as tight musicianship, it was interesting to see the 6 members of the band fitting on the small stage at the Academy and jumping across it like there life depended on it.

The best thing about Set Your Goals is how they are a hardcore band mixed with poppy pop who bring the best of both worlds into their music, they bounce about on stage like men possessed with vocalists Jordan Brown and Matt Wilson mixed vocal styles working incredibly well as a team.

Photo Of Set Your Goals © Copyright TriggerThe set list consisted of a mix of songs from both their albums but the highlights to me were ‘Echoes’, ‘Look Closer’, ‘Mutiny’ and ‘Summer Jam’ which happens to be my favourite set Your Goals song and sounded even better live.

The set that Set Your Goals played was so good that throughout the whole set I was thinking to myself how are Alkaline Trio going to beat this especially after how poor their show in Birmingham was and moments later I soon found out.

When Alkaline Trio took to the stage at 9.15pm the venue was still half empty but because the Academy is quite a weird shaped small intimate venue the emptiness of the venue did not notice as much as in Birmingham and did not affect the sound in any way and proved to be more of an intimate show for both the band and crowd.

Photo Of Alkaline Trio © Copyright TriggerAlkaline Trio wasted no time and shot straight into ‘Private Eye’ a song which had the crowd singing-a-long word for word, even the photographers including myself were struggling not to sing-a-long whilst taking our shots.

There were quite a few highlights throughout the show with the double whammy of ‘We’ve Had Enough’ and ‘This Could Be Love’ from Good Mourning being played back to back being one of the main highlights for me and also hearing the crowd nearly bring the roof down whilst singing to ‘Stupid Kid’ a song which has been left out of Alkaline Trio’s set for far too long now, the set also featured other great songs such as ‘Dead On The Floor’, ‘Warbrain’, ‘This Addiction’ and ‘Clavicle’.

A three song en-core was played which consisted of ‘Fine’, a cover of the classic Misfits song ‘Skulls’ and everyone’s favourite sing-a-long acoustic number ‘Radio’, for the first two songs Matt Skiba and Derek Grant swapped positions with Matt taking a spot behind Derek’s drum kit and Derek taking on Matt’s guitar and vocal duties, this was a major highlight of the set and just shows how creative Alkaline Trio can be when they want to be, the show finished with the whole crowd singing about “Dogs shitting razor blades” during the fantastic ‘Radio’.

Photo Of Alkaline Trio © Copyright TriggerThe set list was slightly odd it is like Alkaline trio want to forget the past 5 years of their career as nothing from their 2008 album ‘Agony And Irony’ was played, only one song from their 2005 album ‘Crimson’ was played and that was ‘Sadie’ a song that originally appeared back in 2004 on their split EP with One Man Army, now I know they have got a lot of slack in the past with people saying they were trying too hard to go down the mainstream radio friendly route with those albums but at the same time they picked up a lot of fans with ‘Crimson’ as during that touring cycle they were playing to the same sized venues but each and every show was sold out and now they are lucky to be playing to half the amount of people that they were back then.

Alkaline Trio sounded and looked tight as anything on stage, they are one of those lucky bands who manage to sound exactly the same live as they do on CD, however the main downside to their live show is the fact that they don’t interact with the crowd much and they’re really isn’t much movement on stage, they are nothing like Green Day or your Blink 182’s of the punk rock world who sound tight and also put on an energetic show that you will never forget.

Overall the show was a big improvement on Birmingham and I managed to watch my favourite band ever near the top of their game whilst catching up with some old punk rock friends whilst meeting some new ones.

Set Your Goals 4/5
Alkaline Trio 4/5

Review By Trigger

 Alkaline Trio

Matt Skiba
Dan Andriano
Derek Grant

 Set Your Goals

Matt Wilson
Jordan Brown
Joe Saucedo
Michael Ambrose
Audelio Flores
Daniel Coddaire

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