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Little Fish
Brixton, Academy
5th May 2010
Hole                             Little Fish         
Before I went to this gig I was unsure of what to expect. In my head I had the image of classic Courtney Love stumbling around the stage. I know she’s ‘clean’ now, but it’s hard to shake that image of her off, at least it was for me. When she appeared from the back of the stage she looked exactly how I expected: blonde, red lips and in a dress. But that was not a disappointment, I think I would have been disappointed it she didn’t look like that.

When ‘Little Fish’ (4) walked onto the stage you could feel their presence. As soon as they started the first song any thought of them being a sound-a-like band (because of the obvious ‘Hole’ inspired name) completely went from my head. This is one of the reasons why I love seeing bands I’ve never heard before because I don’t have any expectation. ‘Little Fish’ have now set my expectations pretty high for their future career. They have a strong sound and belting riffs that perfectly accompany Juju’s born to rock voice. Although they are no ‘Hole’ quite yet they are well on their way and definitely won over some ‘Hole’ fans, me included.

As soon as Courtney stepped on stage she received a standing ovation from the entire Brixton Academy before she even opened her mouth, an impress feat. After introducing themselves successfully through ‘Symphony of the Devil’ Hole (5) launched into ‘Skinny Little Bitch’ from their new album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ which the crowd went wild for. Following it up with ‘Violet’ only won the crowd over more. She kept this mix of old and new throughout the show playing a range of classic songs like ‘Malibu’ and ‘Celebrity Skin’ to new material like ‘Letter to God’ and ‘Happy Ending Story’. Showcasing their musical talent Hole also played a unique cover of NIN’s ‘Closer’ putting their own distinctive spin on an already amazing track. I can honestly say I enjoyed every single song.

Courtney Love has an undeniable and immense stage presence, so much so she makes me want to put on a lacy dress, red lipstick and dye my hair blonde….but I won’t. It did however make quite a few members of the audience. Despite the obligatory Courtney Love look-alikes there was actually quite a mixed crowd. Ranging from obvious original fans to the younger generation of angst filled teenagers longing have been alive in the mid 90s for the grunge revolution. Courtney Love has maintained that grunge attitude, staggering (soberly) around on stage. All her clean living hasn’t diluted her stage act as she managed to strip from her dress mid act. In keeping with her shock value performance she slipped in sly comments about the recent Gavin Rossdale revelations. Introducing ‘Boys on the Radio’ by telling the story of how in the early 90s Bush released a song called ‘Swallow’ that was all over the radio and supposedly all about her. ‘Boys on the Radio’ was her musical response to the band that she called a “tragedy”. This only impressed the crowd and got them further riled up for the song. Her show is definitely unique.

This was without doubt a show to remember. The band was tight and Courtney Love was on top form. The crowd were totally in love. I am now a bigger Hole fan than I was when I arrived. Courtney Love has gone up in my estimation and I have a new found respect for her ability as a performer. I would recommend catching them on their tour.

Little Fish 4/5
Hole 5/5

Nicci Peet


Courtney Love
Micko Larkin
Shawn Dailey
Stu Fisher

 Little Fish

Juju (Guitar, Vocals)
Nez (Drums, Vocals)

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