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Telegraphs, Page 44
Manchester, Roadhouse
24th April 2010
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Tonight’s opening slot goes to Brummie four piece Page 44. An outfit that look at ease in such surroundings, their enthusiasm is respectfully met by the crowd that has gathered for the early curfew show at the Manchester Roadhouse. The quartet blast through a short (yet sweet) set and can leave the stage knowing that the audience are well and truly on the same page as themselves.

For those who have heard tonight’s next band Telegraphs on record, you will know that they are huge. So they should only be bigger and better live, right? Correct. Though the night is young Brighton’s finest purveyors of racket waste no time in showing the eager crowd what they are made of. What follows is a glorious display of male and female dual vocals, driving guitars and a lot of dancing.

It’s been a year and half since Brigade have been seen touring the length and breadth of the country. Often overshadowed by his younger brother’s foray into the world of pop, frontman Will Simpson is ravenous to prove that Brigade have what it takes to be the band to defeat all the odds. No pressure, then.

Tonight is especially important for Brigade, it was at this very same venue one and a half years ago that Simpson’s voice decided to up sticks and leave. Brigade know this is an important show, they know they have a job to do and they certainly know that they might not get another chance like this. Some may call it luck, others may call it coincidence, but Brigade pull off tonight’s show with aplomb. And I call that destiny.

Despite not having released a new record since 2008, Brigade’s songs still sound sublime. Head crunching riffs seam effortlessly into guitar pop anthems, and it is these intricacies that put them head and shoulders above any of their counterparts, it’s just a shame the rest of the world hasn’t yet cottoned on. Magneto is a song of epic proportions that the small shell of the Roadhouse struggles to contain, and if their new songs are anything to go by, their next record will certainly drag them to where they should be.

If Brigade were nervous about tonight’s show, you couldn’t tell. They seem to be genuinely bowled over by the hero’s welcome they receive. And no band deserves this more than them.

Page 44 4/5
Telegraphs 4/5
Brigade 5/5

Review By ben Connell


Will Simpson
James Plant
Naoto Hori
Andrew Kearton


Darcy Harrison
Sam Bacon
Hattie Williams
Aung Yay
Darren Le Warne

 Page 44

Adam Vygus
Adam Stanford
Mark Rabone
Zach Phelps

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