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Sorry And The Sinatras
Obsessive Compulsive
Newport, Le Pub
21st April 2010
Sorry And The Sinatras      Obessive Compulsive    

Another sunshine filled evening in Wales. As I approach Newport’s historical Le Pub, I am greeted by a white van and half a dozen muso types waiting next to a mountain of equipment. It’s over an hour since Le Pub was due to open for set up and sound checks and band of the month, Sorry and the SInatras are using their time wisely: pre-drinks in the pub. Well, with exception of mohawked drummer Lenny Thomas as he took a much loved disco nap in the mini tour bus. Fashionably late, Le Pub’s keyholder opens the doors and set up hurriedly ensues in the small yet perfectly crafted venue, sound check gets underway and Dave Kerr shows off his cherry-popping tattoo placed on his left arm; his tour-too which matches the so-new-they-look-fake tattoos branding a plethora of body parts, from hands to heads, on his band mates’ bodies.

Obsessive Compulsive mesmerized the ever growing crowd with their wild hair styles which would put to shame any Thai backpacker’s hostel. Aside from this Mancunian foursome, who filled the hole in the UK music scene with their mid to late 90’s vibes, there really is nowt like them around at the moment; even with the Hole revival. To be honest I wasn’t convinced by Obsessive Compulsive until Spitting Medicine snarled in. To be honest I’m still not, but all is not lost. For me it was drummer Dani who stole the show with his nonchalant style. Presented modestly before us was a percussionist whose drum sticks are merely an extension of his finger tips; sporting his talent as mid-beat he listlessly brushes a blonde dreadlock out of his face and continues drumming with one hand.

“Hello. I said hello!” commands Scott Sorry as he and his band of noir-clad punks take to the stage. “How are ya? I said how the fuck are you?” Apparently the mob of punks were slightly more tepid than hot to rock, but that was soon flipped when Scott Sorry and his quartet of slightly mental men started; not one single body was left stationary, even if only a head nod or toe tap was induced. , Although a toe tap or head nod is the stamp of approval from many, Sorry and The Sinatras deserved a far more demonstrative display of rock out love than this. Luckily, the front row females were more than happy to throw some gigantic shapes as the set list progressed.

Treading the delicate line between genius and stupidity is all in a day’s work for the classic Anglo American punk rockers whose on stage repartee was on the money and completely hilarious. With a blonde dude leading audience interaction added to Richard David Jones’ declaration of his Welsh roots, equalled the equation for perfect banter. Black and Blue lent us some epic riffs with an anthemic chorus broadcasting the die hard mantra: “Nothings gonna kill you faster than rock n roll.” What we had in front of us was the epitome of honest punk complete with effervescent licks and surges of rhythm pulsating through every body. Compelling a wave of dance grooves throughout the delinquent posse as it passed.

Latest single, Hated Heart caused more than a stir as it left each and every one of us elated with its smile from ear to ear tune-age. Not even the most hardened arm-crossed nodder could keep still to punk this delicious. Despite Lenny Thomas looking on the verge of a disco nap, he played so fervently on his Kermit the Frog esque green glitter drum kit that you could literally see his plug stretched ear lobes shaking with every beat.

The tune of the tour-toos came in the form of So Far From Home, from latest album Highball Roller, was a three cheers effigy and inspiration for the band of brothers family tattoos.

For old school song, Bastards and Young, Scott Sorry surrendered the mic to new boy Rich Jones. While the sound changed, the SATS’ character and passion was kept in check; he may be new to the Sorry and the Sinatras’ game but boy, is he good. So good in fact that as the band exited the stage chants of ‘Richard’ serenaded the rogues who, for the past hour, had entertained us so.

Stacked to the rafters with high octane riffs, Sorry and The Sinatras delivered high octane punk rock that is as infectious as it is commanding.

“The only that can stop Sorry and the Sinatras is a fucking volcano” - Scott Sorry. He’s not far wrong.

Highball Roller is out not on Undergroove Records.

Obsessive Compulsive 2.5/5
Sorry and the SInatras 5/5

Review By Jessica Acreman

 Sorry And The Sinatras

Scott Sorry
Dave Kerr
Rich Jones
Lenny Thomas

 Obsessive Compulsive


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