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Panic Cell
This Day Will Dawn, G.U. Medicine
Birmingham, Academy 3
9th April 2010
Panic Cell              G.U. Medicine    This Day Will Dawn
First up was, This Day Will Dawn, Some kind of insert word core metal band, some decent heavy catchy tunes, something you don’t hear too often, lyrics are sung like Matt Heafys from trivium first two albums. Drumming is simple but precise. The riffs are meaty and catchy at times, with a good grinding rhythm to it. Even though the songs are decent it's nothing spectacular and a bit formulaic at times. A set highlight was, a thousand miles from shore, it had a decent melodic opening, before going to the heaviness, and surprisingly it remained catchy, bit of an epic sounding song you could say. I guess crowds aren't too receptive to opening bands as I've seen livelier funerals than this, the crowd was pretty small at this time, and was looking like not many more were going to turn up, this band may be one to look out for.

G.U. Medicine are the main support tonight, during my interview with Luke from Panic Cell, it didn't look like any of the support bands or crowd were gonna turn up, but they did! G.U. Medicine are a rough hard rock sounding band, its loud and heavy but nothing to complex about the music. The vocals are gruff, if a bit on the plain side, the riffs are meaty but not too much in the way of being catchy really. The drumming isn’t too bad but it’s nothing exciting again. I'm not really feeling this band tonight as this is the sort of music I normally like, but not tonight I guess. I only really enjoyed one song which was Bring it on I think, that was defiantly my set highlight as it was catchy and heavy, and outshone all the other songs in their set.

Panic Cell, the singer Luke I've seen a few times before, but in a different capacity, I've seen him as part of the touring crew for a few bands such as Skindred. There sound is pretty meaty, it’s a full heavy sound, but while still remaining melodic, with some pretty decent solos to crown some of the tracks, Luke’s vocals are surprisingly decent as I had no idea what to expect live, not the greatest range in the world but can hold a tune. The guitar work is really decent staying heavy and catchy, and even playing a ballad of sorts at about the 4th or 5th song in dedicated to a fan in the room! Luke, He’s been described as a white Mr T by the rest of the band, funny part in between the songs, I prefer the newer stuff they played as it showed better progressing in song writing and there basically more catchy than earlier songs but still being heavy as hell! It’s a pretty decent set, shame more people wasn't here tonight as it could have been a great gig with more fans.

This Day Will Dawn 3/5
G.U. Medicine 3/5
Panic Cell 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Panic Cell

Rob Hicks
Bobby Town
Luke Bell
Harj Virdee
Nathan Wodd

 G.U. Medicine

Lee Storrar
Ryan S Senior
Dale G Evans
Richard Murray

 This Day Will Dawn

Rob Clarke
Sean Bryan
Craig Hunt
Nathan Hodgkiss
Gregg Taylor

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