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London, Cargo
28th April 2010
The Dreadzone (5) album launch for ‘Eye on The Horizon’ was an intimate affair in Cargo, London. Once I’d made my way through the achingly trendy bar doused in easy listening reggae I found myself in the back room where I was greeted by a relatively small stage set up, ready and waiting for Dreadzone. The room was moodily lit and slowly being taken over by anticipation filled Dreadzone fans. It was safe to say that everyone there was expecting something special from Dreadzone as their reputation precedes them as an amazing live band. I was included in this belief. When Dreadzone made their way onto the stage they were met with cheers, but less enthusiastic ones than I thought. This thankfully was not a precursor to the rest of the show. I hate to spoil the review so early on, but it was an amazing gig.

Because it was an album launch I’m sure the majority of the crowd didn’t know what they were in for but Dreadzone eased the crowd into their new material with a firm favourite and classic ‘Love, Life and Unity’ to warm the crowd up. They then made the smooth transition from old to new and the crowd barely flinched welcoming the new songs like old friends. Dreadzone have the rare ability to keep a crowd dancing, even when they don’t know the songs…it’s probably down to the 15 years experience they have.

MC Spee interacted with the crowd like the seasoned pro he is, oozing charisma and charm. Although he was limited to a stool you barely noticed that he was confined to it. Using his cane as a prop and crowd pleaser only added to his already animated stage presence. It came in especially handy during ‘Gangster’ (which was one of the best received new songs) where he used it as a gun prop to go along with the sound effects.

Some of the best received new material was ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’, ‘Changes’ (two of my personal favourites) and ‘For a Reason’. These kept the audience dancing with their up tempo beats and pure energy coming off the stage. This translated into the crowd’s feet and kept everyone dancing.

The only fault that I could pick with the entire gig is that the audio at the beginning of ‘American Dread’ wasn’t loud enough; everything else was as close to perfect you can get with a live gig. It was one of the best I have been to in a long time and I will definitely be making an effort to see Dreadzone again on the summer festival circuit. You now you’ve been to a good gig when you dance while you’re photographing and leave literally buzzing.

Deadzone 5/5

Review By Nicci Peet


Greg Roberts
Tim Bran
Dan Donovan
Mc Spee
Earl 16
Leo Williams
Chris Compton
Chris Oldfield

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