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Theory Of A Deadman
Heavens Basement, Halestorm
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
6th April 2010
Thoery Of A Deadman        Heavens Basement        Halestorm 
Its hard rock night at the Wulfrun Hall, I interviewed Halestorm, great bunch of people, really nice, then it was into the crowd, so no waiting around today in the cold which is always nice.

I was surprised after Halestorms set was, why the hell were they the opening act, after putting on a headline worthy performance. Opening there set with 'Its not you' and 'What were you expecting', not as hard rock as I was expecting, but two very catchy rock songs, and defiantly highly accessible to non rock fans, it’s really easy to listen to and soon gets the head or foot tapping. The drumming is pretty decent, nothing too complex but the drummer puts on a good show, very energetic, drumsticks and hair flying all over the place, flair that is not often seen! The guitar playing again nothing too complex but it’s full of decent riffs and a few decent guitar solos in there as well. I really dig her vocals, bit generic but it still sounds great, much better live than on their first release, not that were bad on the CD, just like hearing vocals live! They took the set down a notch with 'Familiar taste of poison', a brilliant ballad, with the band matching the tone of the song, with Lzzy putting on a dramatic performance. They close there set with Dirty work and I get off, a dirty song to say the least, it’s a top finish to an excellent performance.

Heavens Basement, have a tough act to follow, I’ve seen Heavens Basement a few times now, while they put on a good show, I’m starting to tire of hearing the same songs, there good, but a few new songs in there set really wouldn't go amiss, and after seeing Halestorm, tear it up, well, it was a step down, but still with high energy and it was also strange seeing the band with a new singer on the same stage as I first saw them last year with their original singer, I think there new guy is trying a bit too hard. Naturally I don’t think there going to pander to me, but maybe they'll listen to the fans, who seem to grow and grow with every gig. Not quite 80s cock rock at its finest, but defiantly sleazy and dirty. Opening with 'Unbreakable' and 'Long Goodbye', good opening tracks but I think I’ve heard this opening duo a few times now and its lost its effect a bit. Set closers Mirrors Reign and Executions Day, are always good closing songs ED being a decent closer to their energetic set, but its tiring to me but not to most, who knows or cares really.

Theory of a Deadman, great name, I’ve seen this band up close playing a acoustic set for Kerrang radio, and not being a fan, I had no idea what to expect. They opened with Little Shirk, Got it Made and All or Nothing, but I’m sure it wasn’t supposed to sound tinny, the songs felt really thin, plus I don’t think it was the best choice of songs to open with, as the set had to build momentum as I felt the opening was devoid of energy, but really built up after the opening songs, The set I guess really started with Hating and last song, as I felt they were better songs, and this music is all new to me, not sure if this is make me a fan though as it’s not really my brand of rock. Other songs that featured in the set, Invisible Man, Nothing, Make Up your mind, Better off and So happy, that last one closed the main set before the encore. I wish bands wouldn’t bother sometimes, just get on with it! The closed the set with the excellent Hate my Life and Bad Girlfriend, Fan favourites I'm sure, there fairly decent catchy songs, and probably my favourites of the night, enough to maybe tempt me into buying a CD or two, not really, as I really didn't feel it tonight, pacing wasn't too good in the set, and there not the most electrifying band in the world, but still a solid performance.

Halestorm 5/5
Heavens Basement 3/5
Theory Of A Deadman 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Theory Of A Deadman

Tyler Connolly
Dave Brenner
Dean Back
Joey Dandeneau

 Heavens Basement

Johnny Fallen
Jonny Rocker
Rob Ellershaw
Chris Rivers
Sid Glover


Elizabeth "Lzzy" Hale
Joe Hottinger
Josh Smith
Arejay Hale

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