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Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
30th March 2010
Emery                       Moneen          
Photo Of Moneen © Copyright Jessica AcremanSeeking shelter from the typically wet and cold British springtime weather, I headed up the industrial metal staircase to the top floor of Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach. There I was greeted by Canada’s Moneen and their pleasantly noisy sound check; cementing in my mind that we were in for a very raucous session. Practice over and we got straight into a chat about crab-core, swoopy fringes and the world they want to leave behind. Intense.

Outside on the cobbled side street, the queue was gaining mass in the rain that showed no sign of subsiding, but could do nothing to dampen any gig goer’s spirits. As the bodies filed inside and made their way to the upstairs venue it became apparent just how vast an audience the two bands from across the pond have following them; Goth types, skaters and kids with massive afros were the mere tip of the iceberg. Before Moneen have even come onto the stage, the crowd instinctively move stage side. They are in for a treat. And they know it. Walking onto the only slightly elevated stage was the seemingly meek and mild Kenny Bridges (vocals and guitar), Erik Hughes (vocals and bass), Hippy Hughes (vocals and guitar) and Steve Nunnaro (drums). Then it started.

Photo Of Moneen © Copyright Jessica AcremanSmashing percussion, heavy bass lines and sublime melodies made the cut for what was an eyeball shakingly good affair – just ask the front row lad whose face got attacked in the first song by the hyperactive frontman hurling himself into the unsuspecting crowd.
Whether you were new to Moneen or an old hand to the Cannuck’s brand of ‘alternative’, it was impossible to keep still when the band themselves thrashed, moshed and skidded around their plot. Especially when monsters like Hold That Sound looted your ear drums of any sensitivity. All these fun and games came at a price tonight. Hippy’s guitar paid the price when it literally snapped in half three songs in with no back up, no safety net. Think you can’t play on broken strings? Think again. The dreadlocked axeman continued to play the entire set on a guitar held together only by the strings, strap and a well placed leg!

Slowing things down with You Wait Too Long invited the mob to take a breather and reflect on the antics that had gone down so far; the way Kenny Bridges launches himself around and grinds his guitar on any cornered surface draws a picture of man seemingly on the edge of a mental breakdown. And we love it.

Photo Of Moneen © Copyright Jessica AcremanOne track-breather over. Afro-battle banter done. Hippy surrenders his guitar for a single drum. Makes his way into the audience and pummels the life out of it working his way around the floor to the top of the merch stand and back again.

Ending festivities on Passing Of America whipped a frenzy and left the floor rife with dribble spots as the excitement of the set mixed with the anticipation of Emery took over all bodily functions.

All in all, Moneen rocked hard with their anthology of the poignant, frail, diverse and more precise than a wisp of snipe.

Moneen 5/5 eyeball-shakingly good stars.
Emery 4/5 stars
Review By Jessica Acreman


Toby Morrell
Devin Shelton
Matt Carter
Josh Head
Dave Powell


Kenny Bridges
Chris 'The Hippy' Hughes
Erik Hughes
Steve Nunnaro
Haris Cehajic

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