Gig Review

The Computers
Outcry Collective, Chickenhawk
Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
25th March 2010
The Computers       Outcry Collective         Chickenhawk   
Photo Of The Computers © Copyright Jessica AcremanOn wrapping up my chat with a sing-along from The Computers, I headed downstairs, found a delightful little spot by the bar and settled down for the show that rocked my socks so hard that they departed my biker boots and made their way to sock heaven. God rest their soles.

Leeds based Chickenhawk blessed my frontal lobes with their raucous brand of energetic grime. Dirtier than a chicken coop and faster than Usain Bolt this support act ticked all the right boxes in warming up what started as a meagre mob for what was to be a psychotically good show. I’ve got to be honest here; the frenetic axemen and a hero of a percussionist sure did deliver.

As time progressed, the mob began to grow and Outcry Collective took to Clwb Ifor Bach’s stage. If Steel Panther and The Darkness had a love child, this would be it. Think bad banter, zero rapport with the crowd – really, who mocks the Welsh language in a Welsh speaking club, in Wales? – and overly staged rock n roll antics. With hair tips taken from Airbourne and Johnny Borrell in equal measures. It was the off stage, inter-crowd outbursts, including lead singer Steve Sitowski hurling himself off a nearby table thus nearly flattening said table and an innocent spectator. Yikes. Sadly, Outcry Collective are almost as try hard as Cheryl Cole and thrice as irritating.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before The Computers continued this rollercoaster show taking us straight to the climax of the ride and literally rocking the shit out of Clwb. Stepping out and looking sharp in top-to-toe white skinny denim ensembles, the Exeter quartet blasted rafter rocking riffs with episodes cracking banter; cue anecdotes of house parties, unwashed clothes and drummer Aidan’s pant wetting fun. Bless.

Photo Of The Computers © Copyright Jessica AcremanRepeatedly running back and forth from the stage to the elevated merch stands, through the close knit and throbbing crowd, vocalist Alex sweated, rocked, riffed and ruined us. With his mic lead wrapped and tangled around his mic stand and guitar, health and safety would have had a field day. But this is punk. And we don’t care. Tripping over monitors and leads with sweat pouring from every, well, pore, Alex, Sonny, Aiden and Nic put their all into every nano second of what can only be described as hardcore insanity.
This exact combination of ear drum assaulting riffs, unwashed clothes and 3-D concert antics has branded my frontal lobes like a South Western bovine.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was the type of under the radar act that makes tinnitus worth enduring. This, ladies and gentlemen, was The Computers. You can run but you can’t hide from The Computers.

Chickenhawk 4/5
Outcry Collective 1/5
The Computers 5/5

Review By Jessica Acreman

 The Computers


 Outcry Collective

Steve Sitkowski (vocals)
Robert Pryor (bass)
Christopher Phelps (guitar)
Sam Burden (drums)


Paul (Guitar/Vocals)
Ryan (Bass/Some Vocals)
Mat (Drums)
Rob (Guitar)

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