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Ellie Goulding
Primary 1
Birmingham Academy
27th March 2010
Ellie Goulding       Primary 1                    
Photo Of Primary 1 © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell Expecting the doors to open when they’re supposed to open is always nice, expecting no queues at all at around 650, but no the doors didn’t open till gone 7, and I don’t look like your average Elle Goulding fan as one of the mailing list people, you know the ones, the people that annoy you and your friends by trying to get you to sign up to their mailing list, well a gay looking chap decided to point out that I don’t look like a fan of EG, and he was right too, tool!

First up was 4 piece Primary1, I'm not sure what genre there in, but Live it sounded like 80s retro electro synth pop!(is that even a genre?) Two synth players, one doubles as a bass player, and the vocalist also doubles as a trumpet player and then there’s the drummer laying down the simple beats with the rest laying there more complex pieces over the top to create there pop soundscape. The vocalist a strange mix of maybe a tad Jason Donavon and a smidge of Bowie in there as well, but he’s got a good voice, his trumpet playing is nothing to elaborate as he only chimes in with it in a few songs, but it goes down well with the crowd and even gets requested by the piss takers in the crowd. The crowd didn't look too excited by what they were hearing, a few on the front enjoyed it but there was a lot of chatter in there set which I could hear from the crowd. The crowd got a bit involved in the last song, Who's there, in which the crowd was asked to sing the song title in the chorus, some did, and in the end the crowd they got a good applause, but it felt like it was something the crowd had to endure rather than enjoy, which is a tad disheartening really as it wasn't too bad of a set.

Photo Of Elle Goulding © Copyright Robert LawrenceElle Goulding, the next big thing? I have a fair idea as to which song the crowd really want to hear, If I was her id have played it first and then see how many 'fans' stick around for the rest of the set as I've seen how fickle pop fans can be! She opened here set with her acoustic guitar on playing Lights, Every Time you Go and This Love. her guitar playing is pretty good, but you can’t really hear it, the mix is a strange one tonight, her vocals don’t seem too loud and there’s a echo effect on them, which makes hearing her talk in between songs really hard, in fact as I left the pit there were shouts from the crowd that they couldn't hear her, and it was true too. I enjoyed the guitar playing of the guitar/bass/synth player, the drumming is fairly decent but nothing to complex as anymore doesn't work for the songs. I found tonight her set sounded too much like her CD, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for the fans but for me, I find it a tad boring, as I want a live act to mix it up a little, change arrangements while still staying true to the essence of any song that there playing, example set closer Starry Eyed, the intro to that was just like on the CD, with her vocals not being reproduced live, its stuttered played backwards etc, right here they could have done a different live intro which could have been cool, but no it sounded like they stuck the CD on for 10 seconds, that's just plain lazy in my eyes! The encore opening song Wish I Stayed, showed off her guitar playing a lot more and she’s certainly got talent but again it sounded like they could have just stuck the CD on, as it is as it’s on the CD, annoying. Overall she’s got a great voice and a fairly competent live act going, but it seems like all this has been thrust upon her and slightly rushed, not letting the songs develop a live sound of their own, its good but if people are gonna pay whatever they did last night you got to give them more than what’s on her CD or else there’s no point in playing live, you might as well just stay home and play the CD in venue.

Primary 1 3/5
Ellie Goulding 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding

 Primary 1

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