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Moneen, Deaf Havana
Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
27th March 2010
Emery                    Moneen                      Deaf Havana
The first act are about to begin, so far the crowd is small in size, and the atmosphere in the room is dead. It feels almost empty, but this all changes when the band begin. Suddenly the room is alive, no longer empty but full to the brim with sound of Death Havana. The strength of the performance barely moves the unwilling crowd. There entrance turns the dead crowd to jelly with intense bassdrops and trembling beatdowns immersed with electric vocals. Like a machine they tear every song up, twisting it around and laying it down right before the everybody’s eyes. They never let the static crowd infect their resilient energy and passion for their music. They make the stage their own and leave with pride.

The Second act begins, Moneen fill the whole room with intense energy even before the end of the first song, the force of the whole band explodes in the kind intensity that send your eye-brows shooting towards the ceiling; One innocent bystander on the front row received a face full of exclaimed lyrics from the front man. A scene that shocked everybody, it was clear that the Canadians knew how to express themselves. We all knew they weren’t messing around. Almost every burst of sound is accompanied by a whip of the guitarist’s dreds, attacking the ground in a multitude of moshing. The vocal harmonies drive every song through its pounding journey. The guitarists even came out in the crowd with drum sticks, beating rhythms on the drums, the walls, the floors, through the entirety of the building and the crowd. Every now and then the energy will dissolve into a calm ocean of clean guitars accompanied by a smile from the leader singer, the kind of smile that lets you know that these guys want you to undergo something more than just an simple experience.

The swooping hand of Emery’s entrance grabs the audience and shakes them to there very cores. This is no longer an interval. Every song puts the audience in a hysteric trace, the sweeping guitar melodies intertwine in and out of the fabric of the synthesiser. Its emery’s first time in Nottingham but they don’t fail to capitalise with some robin hood jokes. “Rich people don’t live in Nottingham, they’ll get jacked!” This preceded by a sardonic tribute to Medena Lake (as they were playing next door at Rock City.) Sarcasm seems to work on this crowd. The band really begin to express their true personality. For the first time of the night the audience resonate at pitch a comparable to that of the artists before them. Emery’s energy at long last loosens up the self-conscious crowd, finally reaching down inside them and reviving the animals within. Now these people can sing like they believe. “I would wait for you forever, if you would just ask me.” Emery systematically pull on all the heart strings of the spectators whilst they dig deep through their discography. The sound is so thick and fluid that you can almost dive into it. Perspiration fills the air, ”sometimes, it gets so hard to breathe!” The crowd finally start to believe in what they hear, and they let it out, at last letting themselves go crazy. The roof comes off. The audience are at Emery’s mercy. My sources tell me Emery win their vote tonight.

Death Havana 3.5/5
Moneen 4.5/5
Emery 4/5

Review By Chris Ambridge


Toby Morrell
Devin Shelton
Matt Carter
Josh Head
Dave Powell


Kenny Bridges
Chris 'The Hippy' Hughes
Erik Hughes
Steve Nunnaro
Haris Cehajic

 Deaf Havana

Ryan Mellor
James Veck-Gilodi
Lee Wilson
Tom Ogden
Chris Pennells

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