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New Young Pony Club
Is Tropical
Birmingham, Academy
16th March 2010
New Young Pony Club      Is Tropical
If you talk to anyone who had a mild interest In the music scene around 2006, then the term “nu rave” would mean something to them, and then they would most likely to go on to name the klaxons as one of these new rave artists. But any further than that and the average Joe with the ever evolving music taste would struggle. New young pony club were one of these nu rave artist that the NME had enjoyed splashing on their covers only later to tell us that nu rave was dead. It is at this point when the average blogs goes “ oh yeah those guys, didn’t they have a song about ice cream?”. Well the answer to that is yes, and they are still around, but the public are not to blame to only remember them for the one “ice cream song”, this said song had no less than two re-releases. Well tonight we are here at the new polished O2 academy venue to find out, if the Curse that was set upon by the NME of “nu rave” has adhered to the band or not.

The first band on the night were Is tropical, now this name instantly conjures up images of men in Haiiwain shirts playing some slow beat funky steel drumesque songs. But that is not what was case, instead three young hipsters wearing Arabian scarf couture which sadly once became high street fashion lost all meaning or relevance (The band by the way went to play their entire gig with them on) obviously some kind of gimmick they are trying to gain attention for, but it raises more of a question of “what are they trying to hide, are they grotesquely hideous behind their chosen masks?

The band opened with an instrumental a number, which pretty much showcased what their sound would be about for the rest of the night. The tune galloped along with the bass player leading the rhythmic style, while his masked bandits friend alternated between playing his guitar and a synthesiser, this i found lead to an indie sound coupled with pop sensibility from the 80s, with occasionally spouts of 90s indie guitarist heroics, by this I mean looking down and play the guitar at the high end with epic lead lines.

The band continued to play numbers in the same category as this, with the band swapping instruments for each song, with the exception of the drummer. The singers voice had a fragility to it, which made the music more appealing, a contrast to the poptonic synth noises. The band can entertain, but for limited time, a change of tempo would be good, since one number to the next had the feeling of bleeding into one another. Also a limitation of what sound could be produced was evident since the juggling between synth and guitar lead to a finite arrangement of sounds. Maybe an extra member would be appropriate it may even give more of a dynamic element to the song arrangements, when played live. But the band are young and have plenty of time to grow, but they need to find. where is there place in this ever growing list synth rock indie music playing outfits.

The headliners were even less impressive than the support, the band appeared on stage and played to semi curious audience, they could all play their instruments that was evident, but the performance seemed to lack soul or engery. This was even evident to the signer who at one stage, tried to playfully coax the audience to life, by saying I quote “god you guys are so quiet, its like playing to a Japanese audience”. I my self have never been to an gig in Japan, but if the audience that was present in Birmingham that night are a guide, then I shall steer clear of shows in Japan. As the night waned on with NYPC brand of “post punk”/new wave, it was apparent that their latest catalogue of numbers was taking a more firm direction. The singers exhibited a more melodious style compared to their back catalogue, which i think suited the bands needs, I can sense that the band are planting their feet in a set direction.

But the audience wasn’t enraptured by this, since the singer had to have more bouts of comedic teasing with the audience, she went to state “do any of you have the new album? Oh I can see this side have, but you guys you don’t”. as funny as the statement was received, their was a evident truth about the fact, since the guys who didn’t know about the new album, only wished to hear one song, and at this point I shouldn’t have to tell you what is it was, but I will anyway, “play that ice cream song”. Which later on the band obligingly played, with much coagulation from the audience. Other highlights from the evening were “stone” and “chaos”. The band are all accomplished at playing their part in the group, but if you are looking for the raw energy and soul in a live band, well they lack this.

Is Tropical 3/5
New Young Pony Club 3/5

Review By Ashik

 New Young Pony Club

Tahita Bulmer
Andy Spence
Lou Hayter
Sarah Jones

 Is Tropical

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