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Rose Kemp
Birmingham, Asylum
16th March 2010
Mono                            Rose Kemp     
Again trying to miss the queues and waiting for the first and only support act, back fired yet again, this shit has gotta go.

Rose Kemp, a one woman guitar player who sound as I'd describe as doom folk music, the songs are more enchantments than songs, the guitar playing is simple in tune melodic and sometimes tuneless and random. Her singing isn’t too bad has some range, that goes from proper singing to death growls and then random squeals. Her stage presence is nominal, she just appeared on stage and started playing, her music was at times atmospheric, others a tad repetitive, people at the front were captivated, the people at the back talking amongst themselves and this slowly moved forward as her set dragged on, after a while it seemed very repetitive indeed!

Mono, all the way from Japan, this is probably the best instrumental band you've never heard of, I hadn't until I was offered to review and shoot it, I listen to some of the stuff on MySpace, pretty good. Live just wow, so many highs and lows, epic build ups that last an age, finally fulfilling its self with an epic finish like in their opener, Ashes in the snow, there second, Burial at sea, a much more haunting but equally impressive, each song is pretty much a musical work of art, various layers coming from the 4 members, two guitarists a bass player and a drummer. It’s probably one of the most melodic bands I've ever heard, outstripping some classical pieces for sheer brilliance. I think it could be soundtrack worthy to a film. In short a great band that need to be playing in bigger venues over here, spread the word, buy there albums, its good music. There performance is all about the music, no gimmicks, just musicianship! there’s enough in there long set to please most people, the only downside, is there songs can drag a little each probably clocking in at about on average 10 minutes, but when its good music, it’s a shame it ends sometimes. Great night, you need to hear this band live!

Rose Kemp 3/5
Mono 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Takaakira "Taka" Goto (guitar)
Tamaki (bass)
Yoda (guitar)
Yasunori Takada (drums)

 Rose Kemp

Rose Kemp

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