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Forever Never
Birmingham, Academy 2
18th March 2010
Skindred                      Forver Never     
I get to the academy 2 tonight, after the queues have gone, but well before Cars on fire take to the stage, only to find myself not on the list. When I finally get everything sorted, I catch the tail end of cars on fire set, it seemed like they put on a good show, but I can’t really say as I only saw the last song.

So the first band I see properly tonight is main support Forever Never, a Metal band from these shores. The first thing you notice well I should say feel, is the bass, it was very much over the top tonight, the opening track, I thought that my rob cage was going to vibrate open! I feel sorry for the poor bastards on the front row, with no earplugs and basically rooted to one spot! OK, so on with the music, there songs have their bright spots, be it at a break down or guitar solo, the rest of the song well its decent enough and has catchy moments, but mostly seems by the numbers metal, the vocals while competent, there really typical of a lot of bands that are about these days, plus there’s a strange American accent to it! The drumming is solid and precise, with lots of bass whacking away at your ribcage; the blasting in the opening song really had the water in drinks bucket moving. Overall, it’s a good visual performance by the band, full of energy to match their songs, but the music while full of pace and vigour, just didn't really grab me that much, nothing really stuck in my mind. 3/5

Skindred, quite surprised that there not playing in the bigger room, as the academy 2 tonight is sold out and heaving, it was like a sauna in there, When the set started with the intro of AC/DCs 'Your shook me all night long', The whole room became very much alive, There opener Stand for something bought the house down, madness erupted, and the temperature went through the roof, causing some photographers lenses to fog up, not mine though! Third song, ‘you can’t stop it' heavy as hell, much better than the album version. ‘Pressure' when they teased the crowd with the into, then stopped, a riot could have broken out easily, when they went full into it, it was the best live performance of Pressure I’ve ever seen, phenomenal performance. The whole package just felt a whole lot better than the last time I saw them, there smaller rooms like this are built for nights like this, the band being close to the crowd feeding of each other’s energy, fantastic. I had to leave though the back door mid set because I was getting baked at the front, I got back in through the front door to watch from the back, cooler it was a relief! the rest of the set included, Bruises, Rude boy for life and Destroy. I don’t think they missed a beat, it was a top performance which ended as they started really on fire tonight, Invincible and nobody rounded off a brilliant set and set the hot and sweaty people back outside to the cool air to dry off and be happy that they've witnessed a brilliant live show.

Forver Never 3/5
Skindred 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


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 Forever Never

Renny Carroll
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