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Manchester, Moho Live
22nd February 2010
Futures are hotly tipped to be huge in 2010, and very rightfully so. Their debut mini-album The Holiday was recently released free in conjunction with the March issue of Rock Sound, and if you haven’t yet picked up a copy, you definitely should.

Futures have risen from the ashes of melody laden Buckinghamshire pop-punkers Tonight Is Goodbye who called it a day in July 2009. Their untimely exit has now given way for Ant West, Casey Roarty, Christian Ward (formerly of The Riverclub) and George Lindsay to set the record straight and come back with a brighter sound than Tonight Is Goodbye could have ever produced. This isn’t to say that Futures stray too far from Tonight Is Goodbye’s mould, you will just hear very little this year that will make you smile as much as Futures.

Tonight, Futures play to a half full Moho Live, a venue that one night showcases the finest new bands and the next is home to underground legends Strung Out, or Scottish pioneers Idlewild. It is safe to say that Futures fall into the former category, yet you would not think this from their performance this evening. Their debut single The Boy Who Cried Wolf could quite easily echo around the concrete walls of stadiums across the length and breadth of the country, only time will tell.

Futures seem like a band that is mature beyond their years, West’s lyrics are not the self-indulgent, mere ramblings of a young man like many of their musical counterparts, but are wise and optimistic. They offer a Jimmy Eat World-esque sound coming from men who look like they are barely out of college. Futures seem to have the whole package, they are excellent of CD and live, they are second to none.

It may only be early days for the London based quartet, but the future definitely looks bright. Tonight they are faultless; it just goes to show that sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing to make another work. In retrospect this sacrifice was Tonight Is Goodbye, and while this may be a loss, the outcome is certainly very special indeed. In the words of Ant West, “life is so good.” I second that, especially when you have Futures in it.

Futures 5/5

Review By Ben Connell


Ant West (vocals, guitar)
Casey Roarty (guitar)
George Lindsay (drums)
Christian Ward (bass)

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