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Owl City
Manchester, Academy
22nd February 2010
Owl City               Lights                  
Photo Of Lights © Copyright Ellie PockleyTonight showed that there is a new market for electronica within the popular music society, before the doors even opened tonight's gig had already proven a massive success as the queue was enormous and went on for half a mile down the road. Owl Citys first and only support act for this tour is Lights, who is a twenty-two year old female singer song writer from Ontario Canada who performs Synthpop. Lights has been unable to play the last two dates of the tour due to losing her voice, she stated tonight she could not miss out on playing Manchester so she would try her best. For someone who was having problems with their voice Lights put on an amazing performance, playing many catchy songs off her amazing debute album the Listening. Lights had a nice surprise in store at the end of her set, she stated “This is only for you Manchester” as she picked up a guitar and played acoustic versions of River and Last Thing On Your Mind. Lights was a perfect support act for Owl City.

Photo Of Lights © Copyright Ellie PockleyThe night flew by and it was soon time for the main act Owl City to head to the stage, the phenomenal success of Owl City is all down to Adam Young who started off making music in his parents basement in 2007. Three years later and Adams project is a global success, with sold out tours in the UK and America. Owl City's stage presence is some what different to how I would perceive it to be, I would not expect a band in this music genre to be accompanied on stage by a violinist, a cello player, two keyboard players and a drummer with Adam playing guitar. The different array of instruments create the perfect sound needed to convey Adam's theme of a dream like world. The highlight of the night was when Fireflies was played, the whole crowd sang along. Tonight's show was an unforgettable on both parts of each performers sets.

Lights 4/5
Owl City 4/5

Review By Ellie Pockley

 Owl City

Adam Young



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