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This City, Unicorn Kid
Manchester, Academy
24th February 2010
Hadouken!                 This City                    Unicorn Kid
I’ve seen some pretty strange things in my twenty one years upon this earth. So you would think that a Scottish man dancing around with a stuffed lion on his head wouldn’t faze me – right? Wrong. Unicorn Kid is Scotland’s answer to America’s recent chart hoggers Owl City; synth-pop seems to be 2010’s big thing. Whether this is up your street is irrelevant, Unicorn Kid is jolly good fun. Armed with only his MacBook, a keyboard or two and a synthesiser, teenager Oli Sabin whips the young crowd into chaos. The real reason behind the “lion head” remains a mystery to me, but look beyond the crazy headwear and this guy is good.

Next up are the somewhat oddly billed This City. The Brighton quintet are two members down this evening, but have acquired a bassist and drummer to fulfil the absent parties duties. So the real question is: How do This City cope without their usual line-up? The answer is simple; they are fantastic. Unfazed by the shuffling amongst their ranks, Chris Purr and co. do what they do best – deliver their disco-pop-rock anthems with as much drive and enthusiasm as they can muster. Singles such as Black and Blue and With Loaded Guns bear witness to the first circle pit of the evening and while This City may only appeal to the heavier spectrums of the audience, but it is safe to say that This City will have won themselves a new score of fans tonight.

The band everybody is here to see tonight is Hadouken! Since their formation in 2006, the Leeds quintet has created quite a stir amongst Radio 1 listeners and “grindie” fans alike. Tonight, the anticipation seems all too much for some, as hoards of half dead teenagers are whisked to the back. One can only presume this is due to excitement, not the half bottles of vodka they downed before entering the venue.

By the time Hadouken! are five minutes into their set, all seem to have made a miraculous recovery, and the show begins. The sporadic tempo of their music has met its match with the exuberant Manchester audience and neither shows any sign of giving up, this continues throughout proceedings and the relentless energy Hadouken! show is only trumped by those in the audience. Tonight, Hadouken! have displayed that they are more than capable of throwing a good party. They feed off their audience who are more than willing to cater to their every taste. Memories of a Scotsman dancing around in a lion hat are quickly dismissed, tonight Hadouken! are Kings (and Queen) of the jungle.

Unicorn Kid 3/5
This City 5/5
Hadouken! 4/5

Review By Ben Connell


James Smith
Alice Spooner
Daniel "Pilau" Rice
Chris Purcell
Nick Rice

 This City

Arran (Guitar)
George (Bass, Vocals)
Chris (Vocals)
Grant (Guitar, Vocals)
Nick (Drums)

 Unicorn Kid

Unicorn Kid

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