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Persefone, Furnraze
Birmingham, Academy
7th March 2010
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First band i catch tonight are furnraze a 3 piece metal band from London. The opening song seemed to go on and on and on, heavy but didn't seem that fast, the 2nd song however was much much faster and much more brutal, as was the rest of the set, the bass rumbling under the guitar riffs and licks, and shredding solos. The drumming is pretty decent fast precise and at time bludgeoning. The vocals are shouted rather than sang but the guys solos are pretty damn good if i say so myself! Overall its a pretty decent performance, the stage presence is fairly good on such a small stage it probably doesn't matter, they put on a decent brutal show that i enjoyed that was a bit drawn out but not bad.

ain support tonight are Persefone, as none of the bands tonight have a set list on show and im not a fan of any of the bands either, naming that song is impossible to say the least. This band is fast and brutal bludgeoning you over the head with not let up for 25 minutes, its overbearing and boring, if your gonna be heavy and fast, be melodic, throw in a catchy riff here and there. They had a keyboard player, i guess him pounding the keys was supposed to add atmosphere to the songs i guess,his parts appeared every now and then but mostly you couldn't hear a damn thing of the mash up that was there set. The bass seemed to mirror the drums, so you can feel the bass in your chest cavity, lovely feeling that, annoying after a very short while. There an average death metal band if you want to call it that, nothing you haven't seen or heard before!

Obituary death metal pioneers back in the day, today still going strong, and I'm still not a fan! The crowd finally made its way forward as for most of the gig, there was a massive gap from the kids on the barrier to the rest of the crowd a gap that was at least 10 feet, the crowd just seemed to appear, but still a pretty shabby turnout for a band such as this. Again no idea what they played tonight, but to the crowd I'm sure there were classic favorites and newer songs with new classic status thrust upon them. To me the songs seemed very repetitive, the solos seemed decent enough but the songs formula seemed very tired, the lead guitarist didn't seem like he was enjoying himself as his facial expression barely changed, the singing seemed up for it though.he vocals I couldn't understand them, the crowd didn't seem that moved by what they were seeing, didn't see any crowd surfers, the crowd seemed subdued for most of it. Over all it seemed like an average show on a Sunday night, perhaps everyone was still in the food coma stage after a hearty Sunday roast, tonight average at best!

Furnnaze - 4/5
Persefone - 2/5
Obituary - 3/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


John Tardy
Trevor Peres
Ralph Santolla
Frank Watkins
Donald Tardy


Marc Martins Pia
Jordi Gorgues Mateu
Carlos Lozano Quintanilla
Miguel Espinosa Ortiz
Toni Mestre Coy
Marc Mas Marti



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