Gig Review

Cobra Starship
Faimly Force 5, Futures
Manchester, Academy 2
5 th February 2010
Cobra Starship      Family Force 5      Futures    
On record, tonight’s opening band Futures are simply fantastic. Delicate verses explode into shout a-long choruses, this is a band that could be huge. Featuring members of the now defunct Tonight Is Goodbye, Futures bound onto the stage with wide smiles and enough charisma to win over the pre-pubescent, predominately female crowd before their set even begins. Tracks such as Holiday and new single The Boy Who Cried Wolf certainly pack enough punch to bowl over the most sceptical of spectators, I predict that 2010 is going to be a very good year for this London four piece.

Family Force 5 is a band that I have heard very little about, and from witnessing their set, I can deduce that they are loud, a teeny bit annoying, and your parents definitely wouldn’t like them. FF5 belong to a genre of music known as Christian crunkcore, not a genre that I am all too familiar with, and would rather not acquaint myself with in the future. To me, FF5 are nine years too late, gone are the days when Last Resort and Rollin’ would grace our stereos, and I would much rather that the rap-rock infusion was left dead and buried.

The excitement is close to boiling point as the lights dim and tonight’s headlining band, Cobra Starship, grace us with their presence. For the uninitiated, Cobra Starship are one of Pete Wentz’s protégés. Since signing to his record label, Decaydance in 2006, Cobra Starship have gone on to release three critically acclaimed albums, written a song for the soundtrack of Samuel L. Jackson’s tongue in cheek Snakes on a Plane, and made many friends in the highest of places. Tonight sees them in a sweaty Manchester Academy 2, playing to a throng of adoring fourteen year old girls (and me).

Much like many of the other bands signed to Fuelled By Ramen/Decaydance Records, this gig has very much a family feel to it. For many, Cobra Starship are the band that plaster their bedroom walls and blare through their headphones on public transport. Opener The City Is at War certainly kicks off this raucous affair, there are arms flailing, bruised and battered teenagers scramble to the safety of their concerned parents who have gathered at the rear of the venue, not what you’d expect from a synth-pop band who sing about snakes…on planes.

All in all, while Cobra Starship may not be my exact cup of tea, they seem to hit the right spot among many of the young crowd, and for this I cannot begrudge them. So while I would rather be at home, sipping on my cup of tea, Cobra Starship can leave safe in the knowledge that they have made many other people’s nights.

Futures - 5/5
Family Force 5 - 2/5
Cobra Starship - 3/5

Review By Ben Connell

 Cobra Starship

Gabe Saporta
Victoria Asher
Ryland Blackinton
Alex Suarez
Nate Novarro

 Family Force 5

Solomon Olds
Jacob Olds
Joshua Olds
Nathen Currin
Derek Mount


Ant West (vocals, guitar)
Casey Roarty (guitar)
George Lindsay (drums)
Christian Ward (bass)

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